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PM’s sorry slide as ‘Crime Minister of Pakistan’

Posted by yourpakistan on April 24, 2012

Ansar Abbasi – The News International

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has almost become the ‘Crime Minister of Pakistan’ as his regime has broken all previous records of corruption and bad governance besides shamelessly proving itself to be a great supporter and protector of all alleged and convicted looters and plunderers of national wealth.

Such is the blatant display of Gilani’s support for corruption and white collar crime in the country that the topmost court of the country had to convey time and again that every tale of loot and plunder has its footprint leading to the top rulers.

 So shameless is the attitude of the government, whose chief executive is the PM himself that any person associated with the government when caught in a corruption case, is showered with added privileges and promotions instead of being made an example for others.

 Of late the prime minister has inducted Raja Pervez Ashraf now nicknamed Raja Rental and others have been held responsible by the Supreme Court for RPP corruption of billions of rupees.

 The Supreme Court had asked the government and the NAB to proceed against all those involved in the RPP scam but in return Gilani re-inducted Raja in the federal cabinet, in another financially lucrative ministry of Information Technology.

 What could be the moral standing of a government about whom no less than the topmost judge of the country remarks in an open court that that plunderers have been appointed as ministers. Only recently while hearing another case, again it was the chief justice of Pakistan who had observed that any government servant, who does his job honestly is removed by the government and transferred to far flung areas.

 The journey of Gilani from the unanimously elected Prime Minister to a stinking Crime Minister started from the very begging of his taking over as the chief executive of the country.

Within days of his appointment and even before the induction of cabinet ministers, Gilani picked up NRO beneficiary controversial bureaucrats of the past and offered them key bureaucratic positions. Some were given political offices.

Later every tainted member of the bureaucracy and the political leaders, who had benefited from the NRO after their involvement in corruption of billions but had association with the PPP were given political and bureaucratic assignments both within the country and outside in country’s foreign missions and international bodies like World bank, Asian Development Bank. Some of these blue-eyed even today are the proclaimed offenders of Pakistani courts but still representing the country in top financial institutions of the country.

While corruption under Gilani have cost Pakistan more Rs8,500 billion in the last four years as per the assessment of Transparency International Pakistan, the regime, the government to the benefit of the corrupt during these years have completely destroyed the anti-corruption apparatus like NAB and FIA.

Destruction of NAB and FIA was a deliberate move aimed at, firstly to get the NRO cases decided in favour of the influential accused through friendly prosecution, and secondly to destroyed the evidence and mutilate the investigations in the fresh corruption cases of the present tenure.

As a result of this strategy befooling the criminal justice system policy of the country most of the NRO beneficiaries including politicians and pro-regime bureaucrats have been acquitted. In hardly any case, the friendly NAB went into appeal in the high court against such acquittals, thus bringing an unannounced end to the NRO cases.

Corruption cases of the present regime involving hundreds of billions of public money including Haj scam, NICL swindle, RPP loot, Pakistan Steel Mills plunder, Bank of Punjab fraud, ANF drug scandal etc, are being deliberately wiped out through flawed investigation and fraud prosecution. Just to save the looters and plunders including the two sons of the prime minister, federal ministers, key bureaucrats and persons associated with the topmost PPP leadership the NAB and FIA were given under the control of tamed favourites to ensure that no fair investigation is done no matter what the Supreme Court directs and decides. There seems to be an understanding between the prime minister and the chairman NAB i.e you (PM) destroy the country through corruption, I (chairman NAB) would destroyed any evidence available against your loot and plunder.

In the civilized world, any allegation on any public office holder is seen as a matter of shame and usually it paves the way for his resignation but in the Gilani regime it has been the other way around. Allegations and charges of corruption here make basis for promotion and progress.

Although the tainted Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who has been apparently held responsible for alleged massive corruption in Rental Power Plants by the Supreme Court has been sworn in as a federal minister only recently, it is not the first time that PPP has rewarded someone who is either accused of corruption or has openly ridiculed the judiciary. To name a few, there are cases of Latif Khosa, Babar Awan, Sharjeel Memon, Ahmed Riaz Sheikh and others.

When blamed of taking bribe in the name of judges the then attorney general Sardar Latif Khosa was elevated by Gilani as adviser to PM. Later he was further promoted as Punjab governor.

Similarly Babar Awan was awarded the Law Ministry under which comes NAB only after he was alleged to have taken money from owners of Haris Steel Mills in the Bank of Punjab case in the name of judges. However, the same Babar Awan when refused to be part of the government’s campaign against the judiciary in general and the Supreme Court in particular, has been sidelined and cursed publicly.

According to a source Babar Awan was recently asked to sign an affidavit under oath that was both humiliating and untrue for him. Awan was also expected to appear before the Supreme Court and confront the respected judges to the whims and wishes of the PPP top leadership but he decided otherwise and offered an unconditional apology. This improvement on part of Awan was seen as a crime and thus became the basis to make Awan an example for others. In private, Awan told a source that no matter what he did in the past, he could not dare to humiliate the judges.

Setting a new precedent a PPP ministerís conviction was pardoned immediately when in May 2010, the Lahore High Court dismissed an appeal against his conviction in two NAB references.

And now when his own sons have been found involved in corruption cases, Gilani is trying his best to ensure that no fair investigation is done. The reputed FIA investigator Hussain Asghar, who was probing Haj scam and had once summoned Abdul Qadir Gilani, was sent to Gilgit as punishment and despite SC’s order has not been transferred back to the FIA to continue the same probe.

In case of Musa Gilani, the prime minister is hell-bent to turn the case into a civil-military confrontation and if possible a ëconspiracyí by the army against ëdemocracyí. Apparently pressing his innocence, Gilani has tried to turn the ANF topsy-turvy for the purpose of blocking a fair probe into the matter. All this has been done to cover up yet another crime of the group of the most influential.


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