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Who’s Better: Sharmeen Obaid Or Asif Zardari?

Posted by yourpakistan on February 29, 2012


Pakistani Talent Shines With Oscar

If only these talented Pakistanis could be brought to power instead of recycling failed politicians.


Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who won an Oscar for a short documentary, is the latest symbol for a talented and vibrant nation. But she is not alone. But she is not alone. The documentary itself introduces to the world another Pakistani talent: Dr. Muhammad Jawad, a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who devotes time and money to help female victims of acid attacks for free.

Over the past decade, Pakistanis have excelled in IT, sports, business, television, arts, and education. From the world’s youngest Microsoft-certified IT professional to students setting world records in Cambridge examinations, not to mention trend setters in sports and arts, Pakistanis are active contributors to global civilization while remaining proud of who they are.

The only thing pulling Pakistanis back is a failed political and democratic system that is not tailored to the country’s needs. The result is endless political instability. While Pakistanis are talented and hardworking, the failed political system recycles failed politicians at every election.

So, congratulations to Sharmeen. Don’t forget to see our collection of recent Pakistani talent at these two galleries:

YouTube: Pakistanis At Work
Pakistanis At Work | Reports


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