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ISI Officials: Adiala 11 are Hardcore Terrorists

Posted by yourpakistan on February 21, 2012


A security official while responding to the issue of Adiala jail detainees said that sympathizers of terrorists have forgotten the miseries of those 28 innocent families, who suffered the loss of their loved ones in Hamza Camp attack in which these 11 detainees were arrested.Media should reach out to those families of victims who embraced shahadat at the hands of these Adiala Jail detainees, the security official added.

He said the 11 suspects: Dr Niaz Ahmed Saqib, Mazhar ul Haq, Shafique ur Rehman, Abdul Basit, Abdul Saboor, Abdul Majid, Muhammad Amir Khan Khan, Muhammad Shafiq aka Maaz, Tehseen ullah, Saeed Arab aka Tariq Gul, Roze Khan aka Farman are hardcore terrorists, who were involved in planning, facilitating and executing suicide attacks on bus near Hamza Camp, on November 24 2007 and Kamra Air Base missile attack on January 15, 2008.

According to sources, on November 24, 2007 Rawalpindi experienced twin suicide attacks on security forces, which killed nearly 30 people and injured dozens more. The first vehicle-borne suicide attack took place at 0749 hours when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a 72-seater bus parked in front of ISI’s Hamza Camp (Previously known as Ojhri Camp) on the Murree Road.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus which was carrying ISI officials to their work place was completely burnt. The 28 victims inside the 72-seat bus were burnt beyond recognition and only skeletons were left lying on the seats before any rescue operation could be started.The Security Official said 11 suspects of Adiala Jail who were detained legally by security agencies are all hard core terrorists who planned and executed Hamza Camp bus attack and GHQ Gate attack on November 24, 2007 and also Kamra missile attack on January 2008.

The Security Official said Dr Niaz Ahmed Saqib was the mastermind of Hamza Camp and GHQ attack on November 24, 2011. Trail of this attack which revealed during investigation is nothing less than a suspense movie. Dr Niaz was apprehended at Mardan on December 7,2007. He is a resident of Allama Iqbal Colony Rawalpindi. He is an educated man, who has done Masters in Political Science from Punjab University and also qualified himself in homeopathic medicines.

During custody, he admitted that in August 2007, he along with Umar Farooq (Nephew of Ghazi brothers), Mazhar, Nafees and Khalid decided to avenge Lal Masjid operation. Dr Niaz also financially assisted Ghazi brothers before security forces lanunched operation in 2007.

To this end Umar Farooq arranged their visit to Wana, South Wazirastan Agency where they met one Aslam who assured them of their full cooperation. On instructions of Aslam they carried out reconnaissance and made movies all targets which included Ojri camp, ISI HQ, Attock Oil Company, Chaklala Cantt, officers colonies. Mazhar took this video to Wana to show it to Yasin aka Aslam. In Mid October Dr Niaz with the help of Mazhar arranged two vehicles for targeting GHQ and Hamza Camp. Umer Farooq arranged these vehicles with the help of Abdul Majid, Abdul Basit and Abdul Saboor (3 borthers).

Then Shafiq ur Rehman transported explosive, anti personnel mines, 70 rounds of mortar, detonator by a Baleno car which was owned by Dr Niaz in two trips. All the equipment which was to be used for attack on GHQ and Hamza Camp was received at Misrial road and dumped at newly constructed house of Dr Niaz at Dhok Mustaqeem.

Dr Niaz, Mazhar and Khalid prepared both vehicles for suicide attacks at the same house. 45 mortars were placed inside Suzuki Van along with three mines. Similarly 35 mortar rounds alongwith three mines were fitted in Baleno car for the assigned mission. On November 21, Shafiq ur Rehman brought two suicide bombers from Wana to Rawalpindi. On November 22, Dr Niaz asked Noor Muhammad to bring both suicide bombers to Choor Chowk. Dr Niaz in his silver Sunny Car drove both the suicide bombers for orientation of the target.

They again went for orientation on November 23, and finalized their programme for next morning. On November 24, 2007 Noor Muhammad handed over one suicide bomber nominated for GHQ with Dr Niaz and took other one by taxi for handing over to Mazhar for Hamza Camp. At 0740 hours Dr Niaz was informed by Khalid who was at Kachehri Chowk that a two star had just passed.

Hearing this Dr Niaz handed over the Baleno car which was fully charged to a suicide bomber and took a taxi himself and left for Islamabad. He heard a blast enroute to Islamabad. The other suicide bomber who was with Mazhar reached in a Suzuki Van and parked it near PSO Petrol pump on Murree Road and started waiting for ISI bus. After handing over vehicle to a suicide bomber Mazhar also left for I-9 Markaz where Dr Niaz was waiting for him. Enroute Islamabad he heard a huge blast.

Another suspect Mazhar ul Haq is resident of I-9 Islamabad and was into rent a car business with the name of ‘Aman Rent a Car’. He joined an extremist group in 1996 and got training at Khalid Bin Waleed Camp. He also worked in Publicity Section of a banned outfit and there he got in contact with Dr Niaz. During Lal Masjid episode he helped Umer Farooq (nephew of Ghazi brothers) in transportation of ammunition from Darra. Dr Niaz alongwith Mazhar ul Haq and Khalid and Nafees used to visit Lal Masjid and helped in preparation of petrol bombs. He got weapon training from Ustad Mavia at Wana. After completing his training Ustad Mavia asked to carry out photography of targets at Rawalpindi and gave him money for purchase of a camera. After photography of targets he alongwith Niaz went to Wana and handed over the film to Ustad Mavia.

Mazhar was throughout helping Dr Niaz and party in carrying out preparation for attack on Hamza Camp. He was apprehended on March 28, 2008. Security Official disclosed that another suspect Shafique ur Rehman was apprehended on November 24, 2007. He is a resident of Mardan.

In 1999 Shafique got terrorist training and later joined a terrorist group. In November 2007 he met Baitullah Mehsud who dispatched two suicide bombers with him to Rawalpindi.

These suicide bombers were used in attack on Hamza camp and GHQ on November 24. He arrived at Rawalpindi from SWA alongwith two suicide bombers and stayed at a Baithak in Chishtian Abad from November 21 to 24, 2011. These suicide bombers were Mehsood by tribe. One Latif, 27 was tasked to target GHQ while Adnan 20 was to target Hamza Camp. Before he left Wana Baitullah Mehsood also gave him Rs 8000 for expenditure on suicidal attack. Shafique remained engaged till last and assisted in reconnaissance of targets by suicidal and later their transportation to sites.

Security Official said that Muhammad Aamir Khan is resident of Rawalpindi. In year 2000 he received training in weapon handling and firing at Resh Khor HUJI training camp Afghanistan.

After training he fought at Mazare Sharif, Afghanistan where he was apprehended by troops of Rasheed Dostam and shifted to Shabarghan jail where he spent three years. After three years he was handed over to Pakistan authorities and shifted to Peshawar and later Adiala

Jail. He was released on April 4, 2005. He started visiting Lal Masjid and established contacts with Ghazi brothers, Dr Niaz and Mazhar and also met Umer Farooq and Abdul Basit. He was apprehended on May 1, 2007 at Rawalpindi while supplying arms, explosive and other material for use in Lal Mosque. He was kept in detention for 3 months and released on bail on August 25, 2007. Immediately after his

release he met Mazhar and Dr Niaz and told them that he is expert in explosive handling and wants to avenge Lal Masjid Operation.

He physically participated in preparation of vehicles used for terrorism on GHQ attack 2007 and Hamza Camp ISI vehicle attack. He was apprehended by police in Quetta in 2008. Abdul Majid,Abdul Basit and Abdul Saboor three brothers are resident of Lahore Ichhra. Originally they belong to Togh Bala, Kohat. They had contacts with people in Lal Masjid and were involved in all activities of Lal Masjid. Beside their involvement in other extremist activities they were involved in GHQ attack and Hamza Camp.

They helped main accused of the suicide attack Mazhar in purchase of Suzuki van and Baleno car from Lahore which was later used in Hamza Camp and GHQ attack where 30 people were burnt alive. They were apprehended from Lahore on November 27 and 29, 2007. Later Abdul Saboor died in Lady Reading Hospital due to ailment. Abdul Majid has been receiving treatment for his ailment. He is suffering from Urinal Tract infection, anxiety, depression, infected scabies. He was admitted to LRH on January 27, 2012.

Muhammad Shafique was a hard core terrorist who was apprehended on January 20, 2008 for his involvement in Kamra Complex missile attack. Since January 2007 he had been studying in Haqqania Madrassa, Akora Khattak. In September 2007 he went to Miranshah for training. After training he went to Paktia, Afghanistan and stayed there for 50 days. On return he became active member of a terrorist group. He was involved in all stages of Kamra Complex missile attack on January 14, 2008 for which 10 missiles were brought from Mohmand agency.

Another suspect of Kamra Complex Gul Roze Khan aka Farman. He was apprehended on January 21, 2008 at Chhota Lahore, Swabi. He is a resident of villabge Nabi, Chhota Lahore, Swabi. He was student of Madrassa Akora Khattak. In early 2006 he went to wana and received terrorist training in weapon handling and grenade throwing. He used to spent his vacation in SWA. He helped in transportation of missiles from Mohmand agency and was physically involved in Kamra Complex attack.

The Official disclosed that Saeed Arab Hussain was another suspect of Kamra complex. He was arrested on January 21, 2008 at Chhota Lahore Swabi. He completed his studies at Madrassa Akora Khattak. He also underwent terrorist training at Miranshah. All explosive material used in Kamra complex was stored at his place and he is the main harbor and facilitator of Kamra attack. At the time of his arrest 1 vehicle, 1 kk rifle, 1 pistol and 1 hand grenade were also recovered from his possession. He also handed over 16 bags of potassium nitrate to Qasim which were used in making explosive material for attack on Kamra.

Tehseen Ullah another suspect of Kamra missile attack was apprehended on January 15, 2008 from Jehangira Swabi road. He is a resident of Armour colony, Nowshera and a student of 7th grade Jamia Haqqania, Akora Khattak since 2000. He was actively involved in missile attack of Kamra Complex and many other terrorists activities.

It is important to remember that the Supreme court of Pakistan released these hardcore terrorists on technicalities and lack of circumstantial evidence. Despite Pakistan being a victim of countless terror attacks killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of people, Pakistan’s courts have failed to convict and hang (as per the death penalty applicable in terror cases) a single terrorist in Pakistan in the last decade.


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