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‘Let Us Not Stand Between A US Soldier And His Diaper!’ Dr. Mazari Appeals To Pakistan Government

Posted by yourpakistan on January 10, 2012

Following reports that Washington has quietly asked Islamabad to release ‘military diapers’ used by US soldiers in Afghanistan, Dr. Shireen Mazari, a longtime critic of US policies in the region, has issued a passionate appeal to the Pakistani government.

Her take is simple: United States has killed scores of Pakistanis through drone attacks and embezzled funds it owes Pakistan for war effort as per agreements, but we should look humanely at the latest predicament of US combat forces in Afghanistan.

This is her statement as received by Special Report

“As I a wife and a mother, I appeal to the government of the United States to please wean their soldiers off pampers in Afghanistan as soon as possible so that they are able to fight like adults on behalf of US military. Clearly the diaper usage is hindering their soldiering despite the hi-tech weapons they are equipped with. It is obvious the diaper is their Achilles heel! Of course the need for diapers also reflects the terror that strikes these soldiers when they confront or even search out the enemy!

I appeal to the Pakistan government on humanitarian grounds to retrieve the pampers from NATO containers and send them to US forces in Afghanistan. Or perhaps humanitarian NGOs in Pakistan especially those receiving US funding can purchase pampers locally and gift them to US forces. This would also be a small boost to our economy! The US has embezzled us of money owed to the Coalition Support Fund. It has imprisoned innocent Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay. Its citizens have used violence against innocent Pakistanis in the US. It has murdered our innocent tribesmen and women in drone attacks. The list goes on. But before US assets, now settled in Pakistan, accuse us of depriving a US soldier of his basic human rights, and purely on humanitarian grounds, let us not stand in the way of an American US soldier and his diaper.”

It is not clear if Dr. Mazari made a genuine plea or was simply making a statement in jest. US diplomats under former ambassador Anne W. Patterson had lobbied hard and successfully to block her decade-long weekly column in Pakistani newspapers.

US government and military are embarrassed at the difficulties caused by a shortage of diapers for US soldiers in Afghanistan. American spokespersons are finding it hard to discuss the issue publicly.

The story was first released by ace Pakistani investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi of The News International.

Initially an American diplomat, Mark Stoth, denied knowledge of the diaper issue saying ‘I am not a soldier’ and so could not guess military requirements in a war zone.

But a day later both Stoth and an American NATO spokesman in Afghanistan came out with a statement claiming the story was a ‘complete fabrication.’

Independent analysts said modified diapers might be useful to US soldiers who can’t leave their tanks or armored vehicles in combat situations.


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