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Pakistan Rejects USA Report on Mohmand Assault

Posted by yourpakistan on December 29, 2011

By Mirza Hassan

Pakistan has rejected the US report on NATO attack in Mohmand Agency that killed 24 Pakistan Army Soldiers, saying that with Brigadier General Stephen Clark as head, the investigation can never bring out unbiased findings. Reports said Pakistan dismissed the report on the Nato assault as the head of investigation team Brigadier General Stephen Clark has been linked to the strategic team involved in the attack. And that is why, he is believed to be an inappropriate choice to carry out investigation as a neutral party.

A report by military investigators was delivered to General Ashfaq Kayani on Sunday by a US officer based in Islamabad, who explained the findings to the general, Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby told reporters. The full report from the joint US-Nato investigative team was not released publicly until Monday to allow time for the Pakistani leadership to read the findings first, Kirby said.

“We wanted General Kayani to be able to see the entire thing,” he said. The approach represented “an appropriate professional courtesy” to Kayani, he added. A summary of the report was released Thursday and the officer who led the investigation, Brigadier General Stephen Clark, briefed reporters by phone the same day.


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