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Jinnah, And Pakistan, Were Culmination Of Ten Centuries Of Muslim Empire

Posted by yourpakistan on December 25, 2011

Jinnah, And Pakistan, Were Culmination Of Ten Centuries Of Muslim Empire

A nation that formed and gelled through ten centuries of imperial rule, culture and religion was destined to emerge. The Quaid made it happen in 1947.


Pakistan was destined to emerge thanks to our history of a thousand years in this region. It was a matter of time. A destiny’s hand made it happen in 1947. That hand is Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, leader of the Pakistan Independence Movement and the man who helped create modern Pakistan.

Pakistan’s ancestors, the Muslim dynasties of Central and South Asia, ruled the region for centuries. This rule came to an abrupt end in 1857 at the hands of British invaders. But it only took us 90 years to regain our power to rule our destiny again; 90 years from 1857 to 1947, gaining independence from imperial Britain. Modern Pakistan could not claim all the former glory of its ancestors. Most of the dominion ruled by our ancestors, the last of them the Mughal Dynasty, went to Indian Hindus who were in the majority in those dominions. That is how India gained independence from Britain one day after Pakistani independence. India came into existence for the first time in ten centuries as a nation ruled by its indigenous majority, freeing itself from both Muslim and British rule.


In Pakistan, 14 August 1947 marks the day when Pakistanis successfully ended British occupation and formalized their centuries-long history of successive empires in Central-South Asia. This history is credited at its peak with producing brilliant art and culture in three languages: Persian, Turkish and Arabic, and producing wonders such as the Taj Mahal, located in what is known today as India, and other countless magnificent historic buildings that stand today in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a long story that culminated in 1947 at the hands of a man chosen to do destiny’s work.


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