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US-Pakistan Ties at Freezing Point, says Chinese daily

Posted by yourpakistan on December 4, 2011

US and Nato ties with Pakistan have come to a “freezing point” and the bilateral alliance will collapse if Washington fails to guarantee Islamabad’s sovereignty and security, a top Chinese daily said on Sunday.

“Currently, the relationship between Pakistan and the International Security Assistance Force of Nato has dropped to the freezing point,” said a write up in state-run People’s Daily online.

 The article, titled US-Pakistan anti-terrorism coalition close to collapse, said if the US does not change its policies and take measures to guarantee Pakistan’s sovereign and security, “the US-Pakistan alliance will inevitably come to an end”.

 “The political and military authorities of Pakistan are facing severe challenges and are already not able to stand by and allow the United States to continue damaging Pakistan’s sovereignty and security just for a little US aid anymore,” it said, backing the stand of China’s “all weather” ally Pakistan’s position against US.

The write up followed after Chinese foreign ministry expressed shock over Nato attacks on Pakistan outposts in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan in which 24 soldiers were killed and called on Washington to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Significantly, the People’s Daily write up said the US-Pak alliance is caught up in contradictions arising out of divergent objectives.

“Different strategic objectives are basic causes behind the unsustainable US-Pakistan anti-terrorism coalition. The main anti-terrorism objective of the US in Afghanistan is to strike the al-Qaeda network and ensure existing US interests in that region,” it said.

“On the contrary, Pakistan’s main objective is to eliminate local security troubles and obtain adequate strategic depth in the western region,” it noted.

Reacting to the Nato air strike that hit Pakistani troops on November 26, Pakistan has ordered the closure of the logistical supply line for American troops in Pakistan and Nato allies within its territory.

It also demanded US troops to retreat from Shamsi air base in Balochistan and started reassessment of Pakistan-US relations.

The write up in the Chinese daily said unmanned US aerial vehicles “have recklessly trampled on Pakistan’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and caused casualties of Pakistani civilians, soldiers and policemen”.

“The case of Bin Laden killed by the US this May reveals the United States’ selfishness and distrust in Pakistan since it has not considered the feeling of Pakistan as a front-line ally of anti-terrorism at all and never regarded Pakistan as an equal anti-terrorism partner,” it said.


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