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You Too, (Indian) Brutus?

Posted by yourpakistan on December 2, 2011

You heard about a US attack on Pakistan’s western border on Saturday. What you don’t know is what India did moments later in the east. But Pakistanis were ready on the eastern border.

THE NATION | Editorial

Soon after the NATO attack on two Pakistani military posts that killed two officers and 22 soldiers on Saturday, Indian army opened fire on Pakistani posts in Krishna Ghati Sector. This attempt was swiftly foiled by the ever vigilant Pakistani forces. Indian guns were silenced within two hours. The two attacks are, by no means, coincidental.

Indo-US nexus has common objectives. Both are apprehensive of China’s rapid growth as world’s economic and military power while simultaneously both are dead against Pakistan’s nuclear status. They fully realize that if Pakistan would emerge stronger, their dream to contain China would not materialize.

It was in this context that the US decided to build India as China’s counterweight in the region. It is an open secret that America is keen to assign it a major role in Afghanistan before it leaves.

It is high time our civil and military leaderships took stock of ground realities and revisited their India and US policies. Our parliament should say a big ‘No’ to government’s decision of granting India the status of a Most Favored Nation (MFN). If this decision is not reversed, the time is not far when Indian businessmen would dominate trade in Pakistan rendering our industrial sector dead. Any future relationship with India must be linked to the resolution of the Kashmir dispute and the solution should be acceptable to the Kashmiri people.

Pakistan is a nuclear-armed state and its armed forces are one of the five best professional and well-trained armies in the world. It must not allow either the allied forces in Afghanistan or India to take liberty of violating our frontiers.

A strong message should be sent to India and the US through diplomatic channels that if any future violation of Pakistani borders are carried out, it would be given a matching and effective response. It is encouraging to note that the military and political leaderships are on one page as far as US/NATO/ISAF attacks on Pakistan are concerned and they have spoken with one voice.

There could be no better opportunity than today to tell the Americans that if those responsible for Saturday’s attack were not punished, Pakistan will be forced to pull out of the so-called international war on terror.


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