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Pakistanis Have Had Enough of American and NATO Terrorists

Posted by yourpakistan on November 30, 2011












PKKH Editorial || By M. Zainulabedin Ameer

 Pakistan is not budging from its stance against American and NATO terrorists operating from Afghanistan. Since the Salala check post assault that was carried out by NATO terrorists early on Saturday morning (26th November), Pakistan has put an end to all military co-operations with the CIA. America refuses to apologize for killing 30 Pakistani soldiers in the incident, and to make things worse they have embarked on a disinformation campaign in order to justify their actions. However, the NATO terrorists were at it again on Tuesday; has reported that Pakistani troops investigating the Salala check post after Saturday’s incident came under fire, and once again, it was unprovoked. Up till the filing of this article, there were no more details.

The American and NATO terrorists sitting in Afghanistan have had little to say in defense of what transpired on Saturday morning, but they have largely insisted that they came under attack from the Mohmand area. It’s absolutely ludicrous for them to claim that they were retaliating to attacks from the Pakistani side, and that too by flying almost 3 kilometers into Pakistani territory to attack a check post that had a Pakistani flag clearly visible.

 The NATO terrorists remain engaged for more than two hours with a fighter jet, 2 helicopters and boots on the ground. Pakistan Major Mujahid Mirani and his soldiers from the 7th Azad Kashmir Regiment were outgunned and outnumbered. Yet they mounted a two-hour defense before being almost entirely wiped out in cold blood. Efforts of this kind without backup support due to being positioned at the 8,000 feet mountain peak are highly commendable.

In an area from where militancy had been eradicated months ago, Pakistani troops only had resources to help them monitor conditions in the Mohmand area. However, with their limited array of equipment they responded to the American and NATO terrorist assault, but it is not clear if any significant damage was inflicted. America refuses to reveal which unit attacked the check post.

Almost immediately following the assault, NATO supply routes were blocked in what seems a permanent disengagement from America’s so-called War on Terror. Additionally, America has been given 15 days to vacate the Shamsi Airfield, and Pakistan has refused to extend the deadline.

As things have proceeded rapidly in Pakistan in terms of responding to American and NATO terrorists, the country remains a united army of 180 million people. NATO terrorists should not forget that Pakistan is fully capable of responding to aggression despite technological disparity. While a list of options is being prepared for civilian and military decision-makers, the Pakistani Prime Minister is expected to take the final decision representing the joint will of national leadership. Additionally, the Pakistani leadership is currently making preparations to activate international legal mechanisms to sue the CIA for border violations and slaughter of civilians.


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