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US Responsible For Pakistans Plight: Gulbadin Hikmatyar

Posted by yourpakistan on October 26, 2011

Engineer Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Afghanistans former prime minister and head of his own faction of the Hizb-e -Islami, an active insurgent group fighting against US-led forces, has said that the US was responsible of all the problems facing Pakistan.

According to a message issued here on the occasion of tenth anniversary of US invasion of Afghanistan, the insurgent leader said, Pakistan was being blamed by the Americans despite the fact that the country facilitated US attack on Afghanistan.It is beyond understanding, he added.

Pakistan launched military campaigns in swat, Bajaur, Mohmand Agecny and other areas but still it is blamed for supporting US opponents , the insurgent leader said.

He said that had Pakistan not facilitated US invasion of Afghanistan ,the Americans could not have occupied Afghanistan. Hikmatyar said that his group was ready to facilitate the US drawdown from Afghanistan, adding that if the US decided to continue fight, people of Afghanistan were ready to fight.

He further added that Americans would not benefit from the occupation rather Iran and Russia would exploit the situation.


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