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Corrupt politicians supporting each other to rule Pakistan: Imran Khan

Posted by yourpakistan on October 18, 2011

Chairman Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that political mafia has occupied the rule in the country for last the six decades and corrupt politicians support each others rule in hard times. Speaking at a book launching ceremony here in New York, Imran Khan said that political leadership of the country has same agenda of divide and rule and leaders of all the political parties unite when they feel any threat to their rule.

It’s worth mentioning that book “Imran Khan Pakistan” is authorized by a PTI supporter in which he has highlighted the personality of the party chairman and his agenda and suggestions to drag the country out of prevailing crises including terrorism, economic stability and power crisis. Imran said that in ongoing circumstance we needed a democratic government which has ability to eradicate corruption from state institutions and give relief to common man by assuring provision of instant and inexpensive justice.

He lauded the services of judiciary in putting the state institutions on right path. “I pay tributes to Supreme Court (SC) for its services and entire nation was proud of the apex court.” The PTI chairman said that he was not follower of Secularism or Gandhi. However,he said that all the religions preach love and respect for humanity and patience towards followers of other religions.


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