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Stop Cross Border Activities, Kayani Tells Afghanistan

Posted by yourpakistan on October 6, 2011

Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani issued a warning to Afghanistan to stop cross border activities in Pakistan, Express 24/7 on Thursday.  Kiyani asserted that no such activities will be tolerated and that Pakistan “possesses the capability to respond to any situation”.

Last month, Pakistan lodged a formal protest with the Afghan government over cross-border attacks emanating from Kunar and Nuristan against Pakistani check posts. Kayani made this statement during his address at the Saudi joint military exercise program in Mangla. Kiyani said the people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share a deep and strong friendship.

On the ongoing joint exercises Kiyani said the objective of the drill is to counter terrorism. He said that military operations are not the ideal solution for every problem, and said that the global community is aware of this fact.

Military Exercise
Pak-Saudi joint military exercises took place near Mangla today in an attempt to provide the opportunity to both troops to benefit from each others training experiences. Army Chief Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and the Saudi chief were also present to monitor the exercises. During today’s session, both forces successfully attacked the dummy hideouts of the terrorists.

The drill is part of three week joint military exercise program which aims at sharing information through inclusive training. This will also include collective training at unit and brigade level to observe drills and procedures in low intensity conflict operations.


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