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CIA enjoying relations with many Terrorist Groups: Pakistan Foreign Minister

Posted by yourpakistan on September 26, 2011

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said that Haqqani network was established by United States, adding that CIA also has relations with many terrorist groups. She said that the US should avoid testing temperament of Pakistan, adding that Pakistan has the right to use options if US would continue blaming Pakistan and the doors of dialogue would be closed due the controversial statements of US leaders. 

In an interviews with an Arab and US TV channels , she said that US cannot provide any proofs, adding that US itself established Haqqani network and leveling allegations on Pakistan for ties with Haqqani network.

She said that if we talk about the relations, then she is sure that CIA also maintains ties with a number of terrorist groups of the world, adding that the Haqqani network is also a beloved group of CIA.

She said that allies and friends cannot convey messages through media, adding that issuing statements regarding foreign affairs on media is not the policy of Pakistan and warned that nobody consider it as weakness.

She said that if the US would continuously level allegations on Pakistan then Pakistan has the right to use other options, adding that US cannot test our temperament beyond limit and if they continuously test US then Pakistan take it as US policy and Pakistan has the right to take steps.

She said that it is a complicated issue and there is no way for leveling allegations, adding that Pakistan already said that it want to continue cooperation and want to remain its doors for dialogue with the US.

She said that the world community supporting the principal view point of Pakistan, adding that after a hard struggle the government got support of people in war against terrorism but US is trying to end this support of Pakistani people by taking such steps.

She said that no country is able to control the terrorism alone, adding that we want good relations with US. She said that as an ally of US in war against terrorism, US should take care of the interests of Pakistan, adding that US want to take solo flight in the region which is not possible.

She said that Pakistan is facing terrorism on daily basis, adding that if the number of ISI found, then it is possible that the number of CIA would also be there.

She asked if there is any attack in Afghanistan, ISI is responsible for this?, adding that US always ignored the democracy in Pakistan, adding that Pakistan scarified more than any country other of the world in war against terrorism.

She said that US cannot destroy any country for achieving its interests, adding that the nation is asking the question that what Pakistan achieved in war against terrorism.  She asked if there was nobody in Afghanistan to stop the trucks full of explosives, adding that Pakistan is daily facing 9/11, whom we alleged for this?

She said that we also have right to point finger at US but we cannot do so, adding that America faced a single attack and Pakistan bear 311 attacks like 9/11.  She said that the US want to get rid of the Kabul attack by leveling allegations on Pakistan, adding that US established Haqqani network and now leveling allegations on Pakistan.


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