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ISI vs The World

Posted by yourpakistan on September 20, 2011

Admiral Mike Mullen believes the ISI was behind the Kabul attack on the US embassy and NATO headquarters last week. US Officials have also alleged today, barely a couple of hours after the assasination of Afghanistan’s former President and the head of US supported Afghan ‘Reconciliation council’, Burhanuddin Rabbani, that they firmly believe this attack is also the handywork of the Haqqani Network, the supposed proxy of the ISI.

Dan Qayyum – Editor PKKH

Makes one wonder what these mythical ISI super-humans are all about. They are accused one day of organising a rocket attack at what was supposed to be the single most secure location in all of Afghanistan, the US Embassy and Nato Headquarters, and the next week carry out a lethal strike killing the head of a US supported ‘Reconciliation council’. One wonders what the 200,000 strong ANA, US Army, NATO and ISAF forces are doing when a bunch of rag tag poorly financed bunch of operatives from a rogue agency of a near-bankrupt country such as Pakistan can have such lethal influence in the heart of the US occupation. 

The ISI has afterall been blamed for every major attack on the American and NATO forces in recent years. They’ve organised spectacular jail-breaks freeing thousands of Taliban soldiers, have struck the Indian embassy killing the military attache responsible for helping train US controlled Afghan National Army, have shielded America’s most wanted men for years, have probably helped bring about the collapse of financial gianst such as the Lehman Brothers and Meryll Lynch and in the process bring the US economy to its knees. They are undoubdtedy behind 9/11, Hurrican Katrina and more recently Irene, the Asian and Japanese Tsunamis, and apparently organised its operatives to take massive shits on beds in the Commonwealth residences in Delhi last year. A few of them went as far as taking a dump in the sink, and atleast one on the walls, for good measure.

Then there’s the militancy in over 2/3rds of Indian territory which is said to be funded and supported by these damn Pakistanis spies. The Maoists, Naxalites, Sikh separatists, and over a hundred other insurgent groups including as many as 38 different groups in Kashmir alone. The gang rapes of women and cold blooded murders of innocent men and boys by the Indian army, protected by discriminatory laws aren’t to blame at all you see, for the locals to take arms against the brutal Indian democracy. Its the evil Pakistanis behind the insurgencies, brainwashing Indian Muslims, Indian Sikhs, Indian Christians, and even Indian Hindus. Obviously. They’re supernatural beings you see. With balls of steel and hearts made of stone.

Their deadly influence does not stop at this region. They’re said to have ‘illegally’ helped Bosnian Muslims avoid genocide at the hands of Serbian forces in the 90s, given training and funds to Chechens battling a ruthless Russian occupation, and freeing millions of muslims in Central Asia from the clutches of the Soviets. The Americans and the Brits believe them to be behind 75% of the plots against their countries.

The 7 feet tall bearded mythical beings that fire lightening through their eyes and thunder out of their arse are so feared that movies in Hollywood these days openly imply that anyone found kicking US butt has to be trained in Pakistan or Afghanistan. And with good reason too.

When the almost 30 strong NATO alliance coupled with the powerful US military having spent over 3 trillion over the last decade cannot protect their headquarters or its key puppets in what are supposedly Afghanistan’s most secure locations, one has to take a moment and wonder: If the ISI truly is behind even half of the stuff they are credited for, its curtains for America surely?

Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


One Response to “ISI vs The World”

  1. Viv said

    An article written out of sheer frustation. The misdeeds of the ISI have been clearly spelt out in para 2 (except for the natural calamities obviously).It is because of such resentment and hate towards neighbouring countries that has put Pakistan in the position it is in today.Pakistan today is isolated from most of countries in the region including Iran,India and Afghanistan. The”Brother”country -China is looming like a Jackal to make most of the infrastructural projects and gain strategic access into Pakistani resources.

    As long as this hatred towards close neighbours ceases, Pakistan will get more and more distanced. Karachi, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkwa, FATA are all burning…high time Pakistan started talking about peace.

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