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All Pakistani Politicians are Anti-Pakistan – Where is the Establishment and Youth forces ?

Posted by yourpakistan on August 31, 2011

All Pakistani politicians are anti-Pakistan and working on foreign agenda; to break Pakistan into pieces. Before starting let me clear it ‘Pakistan will stay till the judgement day, dare not to work against him. History proves very one who worked against Pakistan gets death of a dog.’

28/8/2011 press conference raised many serious questions. One point of view, I already expressed earlier was that it was an excellent political shot played by President of Pakistan & Co-Chair person of Pakistan People’s Party. Mr. Mirza cleared that he informed everyone including senior leadership of his party; Pakistan People’s party and other security agencies including ISI.

His one press conference made him a instant hero on social media. Unfortunately, few know he’s also a-part of anti-Pakistan force.

He very clearly says We would have torn Pakistan in pieces and we have the capability to do that. So it’s very clear he’s not a pro-Pakistani. Watch this video “Zulfiqar Mirza Addressing, mainly a sindhi speaking crowd in Sindh” the address was in Sindhi Language.


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