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China-Pakistan War Games Along Rajasthan Border

Posted by yourpakistan on August 10, 2011

Pakistan and China have launched joint war games barely 25 km from the international border along Jaisalmer-Bikaner districts of Rajasthan.┬áThe brigade-level military exercise by the People’s Liberation Army’s 101 Engineering regiment began last week and will continue for one month. Independent sources said this was the first time that Chinese troops were detected along India’s western border.

Source: Times Of India

According to information from intelligence sources, China is extending all possible help to Pakistan militarily. After assisting in oil and gas exploration in Pakistan, China is now working in close cooperation with it in India’s western sector, providing Pakistan with tank upgrade technology and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).

Officials contacted at the Army headquarters in New Delhi said they had “no specific information” about such an exercise. Another official said Pakistan Rangers conduct annual exercises but there was no information about the ongoing operations. An intelligence source said the PLA’s engineering battalion along with Pakistani soldiers are on an exercise on how to take out tanks and other heavy military vehicles from marshy areas, and how to make way for the infantry by constructing bridges.

The places where these operations are on are Suryaan and Chor, near Sem Nala in Rahimiyaar Khan in Pakistan, adjoining Tanot-Kishangarh area along Jaisalmer. There is an entire brigade of China for the military exercise there.

The source also said that the Chinese battalion along with Pakistan forces are practicing formations and operations along Bikaner district of Rajasthan. One officer, who refused to indentify himself since he is not authorized to speak, said the Chinese army along India’s western border in Pakistan in the name of military exercise is “really surprising, and could prove strategically dangerous for India”.

“China under the garb of military exercise has reached India’s western border. This can’t but be a matter of concern for us,” he said.


One Response to “China-Pakistan War Games Along Rajasthan Border”

  1. Viv said

    Pakistan is doing the same mistake that it did with the Americans. It is beyond comprehension, why Pakistan wants to bank on the shoulders of another nation rather than maintaining its own individuality. China can very well do exactly what the Americans did- backstabbing Pakistan. India needs to be commended in this regard as they have no strategic co-operation beyond a certain level either with the Russians or the Americans.Pakistan needs to come out of this naive policy of trying to torment India with the help of a third country.If Pakistan had followed its own policy , the relationship with India would be been a lot better.

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