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Taking Down US Drones Over Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on July 14, 2011

CIA drones are untouchable? A Serbian colonel shot down a US stealth bomber in the Kosovo war. The Russian downed a CIA-manned U2 spy plane half a century ago. What’s our excuse?


When there is a will then there is a way. By scanning medieval or modern warfare history we come across numerous incidents when a small army which is totally outnumbered defends its position or performs well in offensive posture.Germany is an example.

These days U.S armed forces are projected as the forces that retains such a might that it is virtually impossible to even dent them what to think of overrunning them.

But is that really the case?

Two incidents from modern warfare blow the myth of U.S air force stealth technology and invincibility.

The first happened when a C.I.A. operated U-2 spy plane was shot down near Degtyarsk, Ural Region, by an SA-2 Guideline (S-75 Dvina) surface-to-air missile fired by an anti-aircraft battery. U-2 used to fly over the former Soviet Union for reconnaissance at very high altitudes. And it was just its second mission over the former Soviet Union when the opposition scored a direct hit and brought the surviving pilot (American Francis Gary Powers) over the national TV and humiliated the U.S. to the hilt.

The second incident of downing US drones happened during the 78-day Nato air strikes over Kosovo when Serbian Col. Zoltan Dani was the commander of anti-aircraft missile battery. With his battery armed with SA-3 Goa missile he knew he is unable to shoot down the stealth bomber of U.S air force, the F-117 Nighthawk. But with a bit of improvisation one such aircraft was shot down [see the enclosed pictures].

When U.S helicopters penetrated our air space and challenged our state of the art air-force gizmos, the official version said, we are helpless against U.S stealth technology which was used in Abbottabad raid. If a third-rated Serbian anti-aircraft battery improvise can bring down a stealth fighter then why not our Air Force? If a well-thought effort was exerted then one fairly trusts that 45 minutes are enough to at least hit a score. There are confirmed claims by Afghan Taliban of bringing down US drones of different types and make inside Afghanistan. But here in Pakistan we move from one vague version to another that seeks to convince Pakistanis that they these CIA drones are ‘untouchables.’

For how long more will we sit by measuring our limitations? Time has come to think beyond one’s potential. Otherwise just lay down arms and surrender.


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