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Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on June 22, 2011

Click here to open the Policy Brief     Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan in PDF format

Pakistani diplomacy made a sudden U-turn in September 2008 when Islamabad’s diplomats to the IAEA failed to oppose a waiver to India to conduct nuclear commerce despite it being a non-signatory country to NPT. This Pakistani position stunned strong anti-proliferation states such as Ireland and Norway who were counting on Pakistan to take a lead. China tried to raise questions on the Indian waiver but relented in the end. Pakistan must not repeat the mistake in 2011. The NSG has agreed to consider India’s membership in its plenary session in the third week of June 2011. Pakistan needs to bolster its diplomacy and sensitize the world public opinion as to how a handful of powerful countries are shifting power from nuclear nonproliferation conventions to ‘supplier cartels’ like the NSG that have no legal standing. These cartels are using a discriminatory approach in granting exemptions and waivers to select countries, such as India, while simultaneously ensuring profits from future nuclear trade.

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