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Posted by yourpakistan on May 31, 2011

PKKH Editorial

Those whose faith only increased when people said, ‘Fear your enemy: they have amassed a great army against you,’ and who replied, ‘Allah is enough for us; He is the best protector’ – Quran 3:173

Pakistan has on its east a hostile neighbour almost five times bigger in size. Its military is more than twice the size of Pakistan’s army in personnel, and almost four times in military equipment and hardware. Its economy is over 10 times the size of Pakistan’s.

Moreover it has never accepted Pakistan’s existance and continues to dream of ‘un-doing’ Pakistan’s creation. It has been successful in dismembering Pakistan after conspiring with traitors within the land and taking advantage of internal political differences and weaknesses.

Pakistan’s neighbour on the east, spends billions on covert and intelligence operations in Pakistani territory. It funds thinktanks and lobbyists around the world to undermine Pakistan internationally and does not miss any opportunity to question the founding principles of Pakistan. It is supported by regional and international powers both politically and militarily, and continues to buy and upgrade state of the art weaponry directed at Pakistan.

Despite all of this, over the last ten years India has relatively been the ‘easier’ neighbour to deal with – because on Pakistan’s west lies Afghanistan, home to the armies and intelligence networks of around thirty-six nations spending over three billion dollars every month to occupy that land. These are highly trained and experienced armies and intelligence agencies, including some of the most powerful agencies in the world such as the CIA, Mossad and the MI6 – plus a host of other European intelligence units. Supporting them are around 94,000 US soldiers, 48,000 NATO forces, 20,000 security contractors (read mercenaries) and over 100,000 strong Afghan National Army under direct US command. The target, as has become increasingly apparent in the last few months and years, has always been Pakistan.

Defending Pakistan

With resources that are a drop in the ocean compared to what Pakistan’s enemies are spending, Pakistan’s armed forces have been Alhamdolillah successful in defending Pakistan’s existance – minor incidents aside.

Pakistan is fighting a war – make no mistake about it. It is fighting not just the enemy within, funded and armed by hostile forces on the other side of Pakistan’s western borders, but it is also fighting the greater objectives of Afghanistan’s occupation by Western forces as well as India’s attempts to take advantage of its destabilization.

Pakistan’s nuclear programme has always been seen as a threat by the West.

Afghanistan’s occupation by design intended to destabilize Pakistan enough for its nuclear programme’s safety and validity to be questioned. India jumped on board as it saw an opportunity to cut Pakistan to size sitting in America’s lap in Afghanistan – as it had earlier sat in the Soviets’ lap.

You only have to look as far as Libya, and probably Syria in the near future, to see the fate of nations with weak defences.

Alhamdolillah compared to the sheer size of the threats Pakistan faces, the losses It has taken are negligable. Although valuable lives have been lost in hundreds of terror incidents directly related to the occupation of Afghanistan, when Muslims fight wars they do not mourn their losses, they take pride in their martyrs.

Keeping the faith

Pakistan may take more hits in future. Our resolve will be tested. The enemy wants to weaken Pakistan’s defenses, its armed forces, and they are putting all their military might and resources towards it.

We need to stay vigilant, and our role continues to work towards bringing the armed forces and the citizens closer, and not allow the enemy to force us to doubt those who have laid down their lives and achieved miracles with Allah SWT’s blessing in the last ten years defending this land.

Traitors within us are already using recent incidents to justify their anti-army agendas, calling for defence spending cuts, calling for resignations and to bring the ISI under Rehman Malik / Zardari’s control, in other words under US control. The court case in US is designed to declare the ISI a terror outfit.

It is noticable how they never call for mismanagement and incompetency within the government to be stopped, or corruption to be controlled and the money diverted to education and healthcare – no, they call for our defence spending to be diverted instead. Whose agenda are they serving?

The nation and its soldiers need to hold firm and stay united. We’ve held our own despite difficulties and natural disasters of epic proportions, for ten years. We’ve held firm despite internal insurgencies and terrorists being strengthened to massacre our people and test our resolve.

We may be down but we will stand on our feet once again. But InshaAllah when our enemy falls, and they are on their knees, they will not be getting back up.


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