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Obama’s Brilliant Blunder

Posted by yourpakistan on May 20, 2011

It was the classic example of sustained planning, careful handling, and perfect completion. The world press is universal in congratulating President Obama on the meticulous execution of his most brilliant blunder. It is one case where a prefect plan is now mired in collasal long term consequences all of which do not favor America. Obama has gained short term profit for long term loss.

Reading the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times one wonders if the embedded White House corp work for different news organizations or the propaganda arm of the White House. Treats from US players are as ubiquitous as water on the Niagara Falls. It seems the White House Press Corp fails to differentiate between Puerto Rico and Pakistan. It is abundantly apparent that the US diktats are supposed to be followed verbatim. Islamabad should in effect be doing America’s bidding even if the acts are against Pakistan’s national interest.

The US media is unable to take an independent stand and view Afghanistan as a lost war. The desperation of the Obama Administration was elf-evident when he tried to humiliate the ISI and the Pakistani Army during operation Geronimo. Faced with a unanimous approbation of the joint House of the Pakistani parliament, the US has no choice but to huff and puff the same old threats that it paraded in 2001. What could be more stark than “we will bomb you to the stone age”. A decade later that threat seemed childish and far removed from reality. Today’s Pakistani leaders know that–and Senator Kerry knows that they know it.

The US wants a speedy exit from Afghanistan. At that point aid to Pakistan would have ended anyway. The excuses being put forward to end the aid hold no water.

The politics of Asia is changing. China and Russia are the players that will change this part of the world. Both want Pakistan on their side. That Pakistan and China have been preparing for the US retreat from Afghanistan. Beijing and Islamabad have been striving to strengthen strategic cooperation in the region. Economic symbiosis of China and Pakistan envelopes all the Central Asia Republics. It is an open secret that Pakistan and China are joining hands to shape the region’s security with Afghanistan at its center. Road and Rail links from the land locked countries to the warm waters of the Sea of Karachi are integrating the economies of Central Asia.

As Pakistan extricates itself from South Asia, it is building bridges with the Central Asia states. The end of the war in Afghanistan calls for new alliances, and new strategies. With America forces pulling out, Pakistan is crucial, indeed critical for stabilizing the situation. China is emerging in a potent, new role. Not to be left behind, Moscow too is looking at the same countries and see the potential of integrating Pakistan into the Central Asia economy.

As Dr. Jamil Khan so poignantly points out. Pakistani real estate places it in a driver’s seat in Central Asia. Lord Curzon said it best “whoever control Central Asia controls the world”. No country can control Central Asia without Pakistan, adjoining Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The gift of Pakistani geography makes it extremely valuable. Stealth technology may have fooled the radars–or so the Americans would have us believe–but the fact remains that US technology has not been effective in Afghanistan.

Every country has leverage. The US should not take Pakistan for granted.

Prime Minister Gilani’s four-day trip to the Peoples Republic of China comemrates the 60th year of Pakistani-Chinese friendship–which has not seens any ups and down. The friendship has grown from strength to strength. The killing of OBL has given extraordinary significance to the trip. It is pedagogical to note that we are witnessing a paradigm shift. A new strategic partnership with far-reaching implications is emerging. It is significant for Pakistan and China, but impacts the US, Bharat, South Asia and the West.

Shastri Ramachandaran writing for the Global Times is right on the money when he says “In the history of China-Pakistan relations, rarely has a Pakistani prime minister‘s visit to Beijing attracted so much attention.”


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