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Excuse Me, Is CIA Calling Us Terrorists?

Posted by yourpakistan on April 30, 2011

It is ironic that the United States considers ISI among US-designated 36 terrorist groups. Though the blame also lies with us for working so closely with the United States, which merely uses and abuses us, I’d just like to point out how the CIA is amongst organizations that have no right, in any sense, to call anyone a terrorist organization.


Might they be reminded of how CIA ordered the bombing of North Vietnam, use of napalm jelly and Agent Orange in South Vietnamese villages?

What about the murder of 28000 innocent citizens of the Dominican Republic during a CIA operation to remove a socialist government?

Such ‘situations’ extended to Cuba, with the Bay of Pigs incident in 1961, Chile, with the coming to power of the brutal Pinochet through a CIA-backed coup and even in Guatemala where nationalist Jacobo Arbenz was killed and removed through a CIA operation, merely to serve US interests.

But the biggest thing that makes this American move against ISI ironic is their consistent support for Israel, barring in 1956, when they needed the Suez for their own interests. The United States has literally supported a state engaged in genocide.

That is terrorism to a whole new level.

Ms. Mazari is a college student and an activist. Reach her


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