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CIA Operatives in Pakistan USA Declines Sharing Details

Posted by yourpakistan on March 9, 2011

American denial to share CIA operatives’ details with Pakistan’s ISI has disappointed anticipations of strained relations’ restoration back to normal through closer contact between the two countries premier intelligence agencies.

According to well-placed sources, US Special Representative Marce Grossman came here on his first visit with negative answers to the questions Director General ISI Lt. Gen Ahmad Shujah Pasha had raised during last month telephonic contact with his American counterpart Director CIA Leon Panetta.

DG ISI had, reportedly, asked for details of the CIA operatives and contractors like Raymond Davis working in and around Pakistan. During the late last month conversation of the two spy chiefs, Pahsa while emphasizing Pakistan’s security and sovereignty issues had clearly asked for sharing records and data on all such operatives.

Thus hopes of the two countries getting back to the business as usual died down after the American envoy remained insisting upon unconditional and immediate release of Davis during his meetings with the civilian as well as military authorities in Islamabad during last couple of days. He also made it clear on people at the helm of affairs here that sharing the CIA operatives’ details like the drones policy were not even in the discretion of the State Department, sources privy to Grossman’s meetings told Online.

“Instead of breaking the ice on the stalled and strained bilateral relations, Grossman during his whirlwind meetings in Islamabad rather renewed the American pre-condition of Davis’s release to resume normal interactions,” the sources said. “Civil and military authorities in Pakistan were on the same page over the issue of Raymond Davis,” the sources added.

According to the sources, the Davis case was unique as there was no second opinion across the country in this regard that only his records in the Foreign Office could prove his diplomatic immunity.

Foregoing his job as Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi had already made it public that records in the Foreign Office did not prove that Raymond Davis enjoyed blanket diplomatic immunity as the Americans claim and insist. No authority or party in Pakistan was in a position to yield to the American demand of releasing Davis as he was caught red handed by an angry mob when he was making photographs of two young men whom he had shot dead in Lahore on January 27, the sources observed.

The sources were of the view that this issue would eventually settle down on the payment of compensation to families of two youth Davis had killed proclaiming self-defense. However, the sources expressed inability to guess the timeline for the resolution of the Davis case even in the way they believed it would be resolved.




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