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ANP Leadership had received $30 million by the US for keeping silence over Drone Attacks

Posted by yourpakistan on February 28, 2011

Khawaja M. Khan Hoti NA-9 Mardan-1 division

Sultan Hijazi | Terminal X Media Watch

The following news piece is a summary of what originally appeared on Pakistani newspaper The Nation’s website on the 27th of February, 2011.

The reporter of this news is Sikander Shaheen. However, a few hours after this headline was indexed, the whole report was mysteriously removed from the host’s website.

The cached version of this website is also not retrievable despite repeated efforts, hence we shall be pasting only the brief summary that appeared as it is on various search engines:

” ISLAMABAD – In a rare exhibition of moral courage, an incumbent parliamentarian has decided to move to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the killings of countless innocent civilians in the CIA’s drone hits in bordering areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, accusing his party of getting bribed by the US. Member National Assembly and former federal minister from Awami National Party Nawabzada Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti is in intensive consultations with law experts these days in.. ”

Another summary reads:” Hoti slammed his party’s role regarding the CIA drone campaign saying that ANP leadership had received $30 million by the US for keeping silence over drone … ”

Screen-grab that appears on search engines [Feb. 28 2011]

The original link to the article (now removed) is:

Instead of making unsubstantiated deductions, we believe the news is a harsh reality as our direction points to the following points:

On Feb. 1 2009, Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti had resigned from the cabinet as Minister for Narcotics Control in protest for being neglected in decision-making by his own party, the ANP.

On February 19 2011, Pakistani daily The News reported:

” Khwaja Hoti blasted the ANP leadership for not raising voice against the killing of innocent Pakhtuns in drone attacks. He said the ANP leaders had promised people to snatch their rights from the usurpers. He said he resigned from his ministry when he realised that the ANP was not sincere with the people. “We will launch Pakhtun Bachao Movement against the ANP leadership from the home constituency of the chief minister,” he declared ” [Source]

A day before on February 18 2011, another Pakistani daily Dawn News reported:

” Mr Hoti said that the ANP leadership had formed a jirga and launched movement against the drone attacks, but later they all adopted silence over the killing of innocent Pakistanis and preferred to serve their personal interests ” [Source]

The report about $30 million bribe to the ANP can only be deemed logical from the horse’s mouth himself. This can prove a big blow to the provincial government in KP province as Terminal X already reported earlier this month that ANP’s Minister Syed Aqil Shah has been providing shelter to Blackwater/Xe operatives in Peshawar.

The ANP has a long history of being against Pakistan’s interests. Their first achievement was getting Governor Owais Ghani removed. This was also done with the help of the US Embassy in Islamabad and the Consulate in Peshawar.



One Response to “ANP Leadership had received $30 million by the US for keeping silence over Drone Attacks”

  1. Hamid said

    That’s 100 % true. ANP is anti Pakistan party do everything against Pakistan. They were funded by Russia in past and India is the main sponsor of this party. They are the true killers of Pukhtoons.

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