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US Embassy helps murderer escape from Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on February 22, 2011

The US Embassy has not turned over the driver of the vehicle that came to rescue Mr. “Davis” the man who killed two motor-bikers. That vehicle drove rashly on the wrong side of the road and then mowed down an innocent bystander. The Embassy has not handed over that vehicle not revealed the identity of that driver either. Was he a diplomat too? Clearly these types of “diplomats” need driving lessons! are not needed in Pakistan.

The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Friday directed the Punjab police to arrest the driver of the US consulate’s vehicle which ruthlessly mowed down a Pakistani following murder of two citizens by a US national, “Raymond Davis”.

The court passed this order in response to a petition submitted by Ijazul Rehman, the brother of deceased Ibadur Rehman. The petitioner sought free and fair investigations into the case. Bob Woodward in his book clearly describes the 3000 strong “CIA Army” present in Pakistan. Mr. “Davis” is part and parcel of that army that has been subcontracted to unsavory characters like Mr. “Davis”. Several times during the past months, characters like Mr. “Davis” have scuffled with the local police and then gotten away. This time he was caught. If 3000 of these are running around in Pakistan–then there will be many more incidents like these.

The Chief Justice  held: “It is duty of the police to investigate the case in fair and impartial manner and bring on record and consider evidence which they wish to rely on.” He further ordered: “The investigation officer is directed to record the statements of the complainant (Ijazul Rehman) and eyewitnesses, provided that the investigation of the case has not so far been completed, and proceed with the matter in accordance with the law.”

This creates colossal problems of for the US Consulate which is now seen as assisting a criminal escape from Pakistan. The driver of the vehicle had a similar visa as that of Mr. “Raymond Davis”. A diplomat has to use his real name and his credential and identity has to be approved. The State Department has publicly stated that Mr. “Davis” was using a pseudonym. This is clearly a violation of any Vienna Conventions.

A diplomat is not allowed to carry arms. Mr. Davis did not have a license to carry arms in Pakistan.

A diplomat has “immunity” during the course of his work assignment. Mr. “Davis” was going to strange places on the border, took pictures of sensitive military establishments, utilized a GPS tracking devise and was armed to the teeth. The Vienna Convention and “diplomatic immunity” is not universal and it is not a license to kill. The US itself has arrested Eastern European diplomats and prosecuted them in a court of law for committing murder. The placed a Saudi diplomat in jail for abusing and then killing his servant.

In fact Mr. “Davis” demeanor, mannerisms, body build and actions are that of a trained mercenary and killer. Mr. Munter is a diplomat–and looks it. Mr. “Davis” (or whatever his real name is) has none of the qualifications of a diplomat. The area from which Mr. “Davis” was arrested in a slum area in Lahore. No decent diplomat would be caught dead in the area during the day or night. Mozung is like Harlem or Bronx at night. Why would a diplomat be present in such an area in the wee hours of the night?

How many diplomats in the world are co-owners of Hyperion Security Agencies (a pseudonym for soldiers for hire). What are the educational qualifications of Mr. “Davis” Perhaps a degree in International Relations, or a “Political Science” would make sense. Mr. “Davis” credentials show a military background and his experience displays working for security agencies.
It is quiet obvious that Mr. “Davis” and his acolytes are spies, and agents who were part of the drone operations. It is pedagogical to note that since his arrest several days ago, there have been no drone operations and no suicide bombings in Pakistan.

Mr. “Davis” is not a diplomat. He has abused his stay in Pakistan. The court will decide whether he fired in self-defense or not. The Foreign Office of Pakistan has clearly stated that his name is not present on the list of diplomats that is kept in the Foreign Office. See statements of the Foreign Minister at the time.


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