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American Agent is “Unclean” – Secret mission busted – Widow of Man Killed

Posted by yourpakistan on February 7, 2011

Sources reveal that Raymond Davis had been deployed in the American Consulate of Peshawar and he has already been declared as unclean. Sensitive sources revealed to the media the copies of orders of appointment of Mr. Davis by high government officials in Peshawar (All the criminals of USZ consulate Peshawar have been seen on regular basis in Green’s Hotel owned by ANP’s traitor Aqil Shah which is on the same road as the consulate itself). When PCF sources met with the locals near Choburji Chowk which is very close to Qartaba chowk where the criminal Davis committed double murder, the local hawkers and shopkeepers told that they had seen him filming the Jamat-ud-Dawah mosque minutes before the murder. This confirms the earlier reports which came from agencies that Mr. Davis was on a covert task of gathering sensitive information regarding madrasahs so that the CIA could later on use suicide bombers to manipulate bomb blasts on these locations.

Pakistan Cyber Force

Sources say that as soon as his physical remand ends on 11th February, Mr. Davis will be put behind the bars and the task of remaining investigation of this case will be handed over to the Crime Investigation Team Agency of Lahore. Besides this, sources reveal that local secret services have started spying on the movements of all foreigners, especially Americans, all across the province. Sources reveal that the related agencies received these instructions from high government officials.

Putting this aside, the police has also started investigating about the Pakistani who fled from the back seat of Davis’s car when he started firing at the two Pakistani bikers, as the eye witnesses revealed to the Police and other security agencies. In another report, Shumaila Kanwal, the wife of one of the Pakistanis shot and killed by the criminal Davis has tried to commit suicide by eating rat poison. Ali Naqi, a doctor in Faisalabad city treating Shumaila Kanwal, said she told him she took the poison Sunday because she believes her husband’s suspected killer will be freed without trial and Americans had been pressurizing her family through their Pakistani contacts to abandon the case against her husband’s killer.

Sources have informed that traitor federal government of Pakistan is trying to find ways to release the criminal Davis by hook or by crook as per their masters’ instructions from White House under the absurdly rubbish pretext that Pakistan’s so called “military aid” will be blocked and thus Pakistan Army shall “pressurize” them to do so. In reality, there is absolutely no military aid being given to the Army! This will serve two major purposes of this corrupt and incompetent battalion of stooges governing Pakistan at the moment.



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