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A Final Blow to ‘Aman ki Asha’

Posted by yourpakistan on January 24, 2011

Rizwan Khan – Pakistan Cyber Force

A lot discussion has been done whether Pakistan should have friendly relation with ENDia or not. This confusion has been created a couple of years ago by a secular Channel which is commonly known as JEW TV. This Channel is the perfect example of hypocrites, following the footsteps of Abdullah Bin Ubbay . On one hand they show movies like ‘The Message’ and ‘Lion of the Dessert:Omer Mukhtar’ while on the other hand they show pure nudity and vulgarity in the form of IIFA and STARDUST award ceremonies. They spread atheism through their pretentious planted MULLAH named Ghamdi. But today I want to vanquish this absurd discussion by presenting some historic events and, in the end we will decide whether this self-proclaimed concept is really ‘Aman Ki Asha’ or it is actually ‘Atangvaad ki Asha’ (Atangvaad is a Hindi word meaning terrorism). One can clearly understand the hindu mindset after reading the Chapter “Pakistan ka matlab Kya?” of Shahabnama. In the very chapter, Shahab sahab has openly revealed the thinking of a common Hindu and their antagonist attitude towards muslims.

The Top Secret Document:

Once Shahab sahib’s eyes went through a top secret document of Congress. He instantly visited QUAID and handed over the document to him. All the congress appointment-holder were instructed to carry-out the following tasks:

Partition of India has been finalized, so the congress Chief Ministers should remove all muslims from important posts especially in Home Department, Finance Department and Press Department. The in charge of all the police stations should be Hindu. All Muslims should be posted to posts which are least important. All the ammunition, should be taken back from Muslim sepoys and they should be handed over minor tasks. All the weapon licenses of Muslims should be canceled and the weapons should be confiscated by the Police. Gandhi’s motto of ‘Adam Tashaddud’ (No Violence) was torn into pieces by his party workers or may be by himself.

The Crook Gandhi:
The ‘’Quit India Movement’’ is shown by the Indian media as the most valorous as of Gandhi but actually Mr. Gandhi launched this movement when the British Forces were constantly facing defeats in World War 2, but as soon as they started having the triumph of the War, Gandhi extended the hand of re-conciliation towards them Quaid-e-Azam. Gandhi raised the motto of “To God or to Anarchy” and just after 2 years, he violates his own motto.

The Direct Action Day Bloodshed:
On 16 August 1946, Muslim League called for direct action day, when all the re-conciliation and government making plans failed. In Calcutta, that day was a scene of doomsday. As the Muslims were returning to their homes, the Hindus attacked them with lethal weapons. Thousands of Muslims were killed in the streets of Calcutta that day. While the Hindu press presented this event as if they are the most innocent creatures on earth. A true and dignified Muslim can never forget the brutal killing on 16th August 1946!!

The Bihar’s Tyranny:
After Calcutta, it was Bihar’s turn. In Bihar Muslims were out-numbered by the Hindus by a big percentage, they were killed ruthlessly. According to Official estimates, more than 8000 Muslims were martyred but the original figure is still unknown. Dozens of mosques were destroyed, several girls jumped into the wells to save their dignity. Muslims were burnt alive. Children were killed by hammering nails into their foreheads and limbs. After Bihar, it was U.P’s turn. Many Muslims gathered in an annual fare, in which millions took part. Suddenly, some Hindus attacked the fare and killed all the Muslims with immense brutality.

The Savage Sikhs:
The cruelty of the Sikhs in the partition is quite visual in most of the Pakistani telefilms and T.V Dramas. The latest Example was “Dastaan” in which the girl BANO is kept by Sikhs for 5 years before she runs away, all her relatives were killed by the Sikhs. But this is not even 1% of the brutality of Sikhs. Everyone knows that the independence trains used to reach Pakistan full of blood and slaughtered bodies of Innocent Muslims. The Sikhs celebrated their first Independence Day in a very unique way. They forcefully brought Muslim women in the town to the streets, removed their clothes, raped then in Public and burnt them alive.

After all the above mentioned incidents, I ask whether a normal human being would extend a hand of friendship towards such people? Mr. Jeem, They killed my brothers, they hammered the children in their foreheads, they raped my sisters and mothers, they burnt them alive, they slaughtered them and you tell me to make them friends!!! Do you think I am mad? Do you think I am a retard? Is the blood of my brothers, sisters, mothers and children so cheap? Is the dignity of my nation so worthless? Will I not answer Aaqa (s.a.w.w) in the hereafter? I think you should zip your filthy mouth Mr. Jeem. We cannot forget the bloodshed, the cruelty, the brutality and the tyranny. We certainly still remember the cries of our motherts, shrieks of our helpless sisters and tears of our innocent children! We do not intend to take revenge, the way they did, since our Aaqa s.a.w has taught to forgive. But we will definitely rescue our helpless brother Sisters. Now the readers can decide whether it is “Aman ki Asha” or it is “Atangvaad ki Asha”

Agarcha buth hain jama’at k aasteeno mai,
mujey hai hukm-e-azaan La ilaha Ilallah

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