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Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul should be warned in Islamabad

Posted by yourpakistan on January 23, 2011

The Afghan foreign minister Mr. Zalmai Rassoul will arrive in Islamabad next week for discussion on issues relating to the American withdrawal. Afghan Pakistan relations have improved a lot, thanks to Turkish intervention. the main issues to be discussed are regional security, the US pullout plan and reconciliation with the Afghan National Resistance (ANR).

When the Bharati Foreign Minister visited Kabul a couple of weeks ago Krishna and Rassoul discussed the issue of terrorism and that they agreed on the need to deal “firmly with terrorist groups that continue to exist outside Afghanistan‘s borders.”

This sort of nonsense has to be stopped in the tracks. Mr. Zalmai Rassoul has to be told in no uncertain terms that by making Anti-Pakistan statements he was playing with fire, and that such inane talk is not conducive to good neighborly relations.

Hundreds of terrorists come from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Afghanistan hosts Baloch terrorists, Iranian terrorists and every other scoundrel on earth. Millions of Afghan Refugees have squatted in Pakistan for decades and don’t want to leave. Bharat has no role in Afghanistan and should be evicted. Delhi’s Anti-Pakistan activities have to be stopped–and stopped now.

Both Rassoul and the Pakistan Foreign Minister Mr. Mahmoud Qureshi will head out to Washington next month for crucial talks on the US withdrawal plans in July. Mr. Rassoul, who is due on January 25, will hold detailed discussions with Pakistan’s President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister the General Kayani. The topics of discussion will be to create a joint strategy for the joint Pakistan, Afghanistan and US trilateral meeting convened in Washington to seek an end to America’s longest war that has entered its 10th year. Mr. Rassoul should be clearly told that he cannot hope to build better relations with Islamabad if he continues to bad mouth Pakistan.



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