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Pakistan says no to Foreign Troops for any Operation

Posted by yourpakistan on January 1, 2011

Aaj Tv

Pakistan on Thursday categorically stated that it would not allow any foreign troops on its soil to fight extremism & terrorism. Commenting on a report published in the New York Times regarding action by foreign troops inside Pakistan against terrorists, the Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said, “United States knows our red lines on the issue and they will not cross these lines.”

Addressing the weekly briefing the spokesman said Pakistan did not expect that the United States would complicate matters involving counter-terrorism. The spokesman said Pakistan is cognizant of its security requirements and there will be no compromise on this issue. He said Pakistan’s military and political leadership is mindful what is required to ensure security of the country. He also pointed out that the NATO and the ISAF mandate was restricted to Afghanistan only and Pakistan’s security forces are capable of taking action against militants and terrorists.

The spokesman said, “Pakistan is committed to fight against terrorism and extremism.” He said it had been carrying out operations wherever required and Pakistani troops are already present in North Waziristan.He, however, said scope and timing of the operation in North Waziristan would only be determined by Pakistan.Replying to a question he said Pakistan had conveyed its concern to Britain, France and Germany on the statements made by these countries about terrorism. “Pakistan hopes that these important countries with whom it has good relations will understand true perspective of the issue in this region,” he added.

Basit said Pakistan had been working on a successful foreign policy and one of the objectives is to have normal relations with every country and added that this objective was being achieved through good diplomacy. Responding to another question, he said concerns about Pakistan-China nuclear civil cooperation are unwarranted as this is peaceful in nature and under IAEA safeguards.

Replying to questions about Pakistan-India relations and resumption of dialogue process, the spokesman said, “Pakistan is ready to resume the dialogue process as soon as possible but not to the exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir dispute or other important issues.”Commenting on the remarks of the Indian Foreign Minister about Kashmir, he said, “There is need to discuss all issues which continue to bedevil our relations.”

The spokesman also pointed out, unfortunately, India is using terrorism as a propaganda ploy. He said, “It is in the habit of (India) to making hue and cry ignoring its own responsibilities.” The spokesman said almost four years have elapsed to the Samjota Express blast in which 42 Pakistani nationals were killed, but India has yet to share its findings with Pakistan.



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