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Propaganda against Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on December 19, 2010

ASMA MUJAHID – The Nation Pakistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a joint press conference with the visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, accused Pakistan of trying to solve political issues in the guise of terrorism, and stated that Pakistan will have to change its policies. She said that it will be made clear to Pakistan that terror is not a means to an end when it comes to solving political problems.

Pakistan is again in the midst of pressure from various sides, asking it to root out terrorist elements from its soil. The joint communiqué issued, after the European Union’s annual meeting with the Indian delegation headed by Prime Minister Singh, in Brussels, reiterated their common interest in a stable and peaceful Afghanistan that was free from terrorism. The leaders agreed that terrorism must be combated firmly and expressed concern at the continuing existence of safe havens. They shared the view that a democratic and prosperous Pakistan was in the interest of the entire region and called upon Islamabad to expeditiously bring the perpetrators, authors and accomplices of the Mumbai attacks to justice. Despite the fact that it has several times explained that those involved in the Mumbai terrorist activities were non-state actors.

Angela Merkel has joined England’s David Cameron and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and all three in dutiful compliance with the wishes of the US – to berate Pakistan on that account. They all feel pained at what happened in Mumbai, though they are neither bothered about the leads that show Hindu terrorist hand behind the incident, nor the atrocities that the Indians are perpetrating on the beleaguered Kashmiris, who have lost over 80,000 of their kith and kin in the struggle for their legitimate rights.

The extent of torture, killings and rapes perpetrated on innocent Kashmiris by the Indian forces are already creating a new record of atrocities. Gouging of eyes, cutting off of men’s genitals, use of ever new methods of torture and endless curfews would shame Hitler’s death squads. The Indian occupation army’s deviltry such as gang-rapes, burning of entire villages and crops, and genocide of the Kashmiri people in defiance of international human rights laws, are everyday affairs.
Since 1989, an estimated 40,000 Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian forces stationed in Kashmir. For the last five years, the people of the Occupied State have intensified their efforts in order to invite the attention of the world community towards the Kashmir dispute, though the people of the State had been fighting for their just cause peacefully for the last 48 years. The Indian government throughout these four decades has been suppressing the people by illegal use of force, putting them into jails and interrogation centres under draconian laws. Whenever any person demanded holding of “Plebiscite”, he has been put behind the bars.



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