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Karzai admits giving safe-haven to Baloch Terrorists

Posted by yourpakistan on December 2, 2010

Mr. Hamid Karzai is pugnacious, arrogant, and very dangerous. he is holding terrorists as bargaining chips and supporting the Bramandagh Bugti and his nefarious activities. The world is still struggling with the deluge of information coming out of the flood called Wiki. Whether the so called leaks were orchestrated or are a reflection of the lax security on US sites remains to be seen. Pakistani analysts and the Pakistan Army will be analyzing each cable with a fine tooth comb.

In a cable dated Saturday, 20 January 2007, 12:35 (US embassy cables: Karzai admits to sheltering Baloch nationalists) President Hamid Karzai admits to sheltering over 200 Baloch nationalists. When it comes to the fate of Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti, Karzai takes the conversation off-record. The is the most clear proof that President Hamid Karzai is hosting the Baloch terrorists and confirms the accusations made by President Musharraf and the present government of Pakistan.
“On January 10, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher and Overseas Private Investment Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Mosbacher met with President Karzai.” …”Karzai wants to rid himself of the Bugti problem.”

In a cable dated emanating from Kabul Saturday, 20 January 2007, 12:35 the following bombshell is exploded. Karzai admits to hosting Bugti’s grandson and asked the scribe to stop taking notes.

12. (S/NF) In his meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Aziz, Karzai had said that the Bugtis were not terrorists and represented nobility in Afghanistan, so it would be hard to turn them over to Pakistan. Boucher clarified that it was the grandson that the Pakistanis were after for instigating an uprising. Karzai responded that fomenting uprising does not make one a terrorist. The real terrorists were Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. Afghanistan needs a sign that Pakistan will stop supporting these terrorists. Boucher asked Karzai which side should move first and queried whether Afghanistan could take the grandson into custody or strike some political deal. Karzai explained that the Bugtis would blame the United States if Afghanistan turned them in. There would be disgust toward both Afghanistan and the United States.

13. (S/NF) Boucher asked Karzai if he could assure Pakistan that the Bugtis were not supporting armed struggle and that India was not involved. Karzai said “yes”, though he doubted Pakistan would accpet his assurances. Pakistan would continue to think India is involved. There is a lot of misinformation out there, Karzai commented. He said he knew Bugti, who was highly respected in the U.S. Karzai explained that Bugti had once tried to call Karzai but he had refused for the sake of good relations with Pakistan. Now he cannot forgive himself for refusing. Karzai assessed that Pakistan had troubles with many other tribes too, as a result of its trying to divide and conquer and turn the tribes against each other. Pakistan needed to address the bigger picture, Karzai urged. (Note: Halfway through the discussion of Bugti, Karzai signaled that the issue was too sensitive and asked that notetaking be suspended. End Note)

A very strange Cable was sent by the worst US Ambassador to Pakistan he Excellency, Anne Peterson on Friday, 26 February 2010. She reported on the Interior Minister Rehman Malik‘s demand to the Afghanis for the immediate repatriation of seemed to report.

“The Pakistani delegation asked for the “deportation” of Baloch separatists, including Bramdagh Bugti. Malik confirmed to Ambassador on February 26″
She then acknowledged the pain in Pakistan about the presence of Mr. Bugti in Kabul on an Indian passport.

“As most of our readers know, the presence of Baloch separatists Bramdagh Bugti in Afghanistan has long been a neuralgic one with the GOP, particularly with the GOP military.”

Afghanistan is not a sovereign country–it is occupied by the US under the fig–leaf of NATO and ISAF. The Pakistanis have repeatedly asked Kabul to deport Mr. Bugti who is a wanted terrorist in Pakistan. He has blown up schools, gas pipelines, and openly speaks up against the Baloch state.

It is amazing that the US Ambassador would care and find out the intricate details about the meeting between the Pakistani Interrior Minister and his Afghan counterpart. How much time does the US Ambassador have? Who is holding the fort? Who is devising US strategy, if the American Ambassador has time to first investigate and then report on the meeting between to ministers of Pakistan.
Here the details of the cable as reported by the Guardian.

6. (C) In the meeting, Malik provided a list of Pakistan’s Most Wanted to Atmar, and requested the same from Atmar. Malik named one of the Most Wanted, known Baloch separatist Bramdagh Bugti, and asked Atmar to assist in locating the individual and returning him to Pakistan. Malik also stated that both countries had expressed interest in passing prisoner lists naming the nationals of one country being detained by the other country. Atmar said his government did not know where the Baloch separatists were located and would need more information from the GOP to find them.

15. (C) Comment Cont’d: To state the obvious, the consistent press leaks in the media about American intelligence operations in the U.S. have lots of unexpected consequences. Most obviously, press leaks enabled the highly unpredictable and anti-American Lahore High Court to issue a judgment decrying the presence of U.S. intelligence agents in the Berader case. End Comment. PATTERSON.

What is astonishing is the fact that there never was any reciprocity between the arrest of Mullah Beradar and Mr. Bramdagh Bugti. Where did the suggestion that both should be swapped come from? Why would the US Ambassador bring up a possibility whose suggestion does not exist.

The episode begs the question–did Her Excellency the Ambassador know the whereabouts of the terrorist Bugti. Only then would a physical swap be possible.


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