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China Sold Large Number of F -10 Fighter Jets to Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on November 22, 2010

Australian defense experts said that China sold Pakistan from the low-end sales of advanced fighter aircraft to the present, showing their intention to enhance strategic influence in Asia. Professor of Asian Studies, Monash University, Melbourne, Vic Zi Yani Mallika said: “China is developing weapons production and export of its actual capacity. China has to rely on Russian technology once, but it is clear now than when it has Strong many. “expert fighters to Pakistan, sourcing from China, as China is expanding its military power in the evidence.

A Western official said: “countries such as Iran, and some Middle East countries, if we can find in China, the technology can be comparable to Western countries, will be very happy to deal with China. Pakistan will act as a test pilot the aircraft in China room, if these aircraft in the hands of Pakistani air force performed well, then other countries will follow suit to buy. “today’s China, though not arrogant, but it can indeed talk about the strategic impact of the topic.

More times, giving the green light by China to Pakistan to allow export of the F -10 fighter embodies the friendship between China and Pakistan railways to enhance Pakistan’s military strength irons Union, better Sudi India to contain China, China will regain sovereignty over our country to create a better South Tibet strategic posture. Pakistan Air Force in addition to receiving 250 FC-1 Xiaolong (Pakistan said the JF-17 Lightning) light aircraft to act as the cornerstone of Pakistan Air Force fleet, the import of Chinese F -10 fighter and airborne early warning and control aircraft, will greatly strengthen the Pakistan’s air force and the overall military strength.

India, however, in recent years in the military are expanding rapidly, a serious military construction of the Indian subcontinent broke the balance. Strengthening of the Indian armed forces, both against the Sudi Pakistan, and there is a huge deal with China’s territorial disputes. India’s military buildup a strong army, always clamoring for the “China threat theory” as its expansion in China to take cover. The face of this situation, no doubt Pakistan is worried that China does not say that, in fact, still feel that the Indian military construction aggressive.

India’s unilateral military is strong, will result in damage to the interests of China and Pakistan. India, China wants to reduce the threat to our country, to ensure the safety of sea lanes to protect the oil imports, and the recovery of the sovereignty of southern Tibet, should find ways to support Pakistan. In accordance with the friend of my enemy’s enemy is the theory that India is our enemy countries. Therefore, China should have the courage as the courage to meet the requirements of national defense construction in Pakistan and help Pakistan. So for our country to allow export of Pakistani F -10 fighter, strengthen our country’s most trusted friend of Pakistan’s military against the common enemy of India, in fact, is to strengthen China’s military construction.

Article is translated in English which is Posted oDaily Military Network


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    […]China Sold Large Number of F -10 Fighter Jets to Pakistan « Your Pakistan[…]…

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