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China to build 1-gigawatt Nuclear Plant in Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on September 21, 2010

China’s main nuclear power company is in talks with Pakistan to build a one-gigawatt nuclear power plant in the South Asian country, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

The state-run China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC), which has already helped Pakistan build a civilian reactor at Chashma in Punjab province, is also finishing a second one there and has agreed contracts to build two others. “Both sides are in discussions over the CNNC exporting a one-gigawatt nuclear plant to Pakistan,” company vice president Qiu Jiangang was quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal.

Qiu added that the first reactor was running safely, and that the second would be onstream by year’s end. Officials at CNNC had no immediate comment when contacted by a French news agency. The United States has conveyed its concerns to Pakistan over the contracts for the third and fourth reactors, saying such plans required special approval from the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

The group brings together nuclear energy states that forbid exports to nations lacking strict International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards. China joined the NSG in 2004. Pakistan has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


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