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ISI Chief met with US Ambassador and Mullah Omar in 2001; Claims unclassified document.

Posted by yourpakistan on September 14, 2010

Pak1stanFirst Exclusive: By Ali Khan
Author is Editor In Chief of Pak1stanFirst and hosts Editor’s Show on WatanRadio

According to an unclassified document received, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence’s (ISI) chief tried to negotiate with Taliban to stop US attack on Afghanistan, under the orders of General Pervez Musharraf the then President of Pakistan. The documents claim that Chief of Pakistani ISI General Mahmud met with American ambassador and informed about a meeting that was going to take place between him and Mullah Omar on September 25.

According to this document General Mehmud wanted Mullah Omar to hand over Osama bin Laden and to stop all Al Qaida terrorist training camps as per the US demands so that US would not attack Afghanistan.

Gen Mahmud told American Ambassador during this meeting that “not to act in anger. Real victory will come in negotiations.” While trying to convince the American ambassador to wait for negotiations the American unclassified document had quoted Gen Mahmud saying “Reasoning with them to get rid of terrorism will be better than the use of brute force. If the strategic objective is Al Qaida and UBL, it is better for the Afghans to do it. We could avoid the fallout.”

“We will not flinch from military effort,” Gen Mahmud said to the ambassador. “But a strike will produce thousands of frustrated young Muslim men. It will be an incubator of anger that will explode two or three years from now.”

Gen Mahmud’s prediction as quoted above from American unclassified documents was correct. Right now Pakistan has been going through much trouble due to frustrated young Muslim men from Afghan incubator. A record number of Pakistani civilians and security forces died in militant violence since 2003 as the country reeled from an onslaught of Taliban suicide bombings.

Pakistanis faced 3,021 deaths in terrorist attacks only in 2009; the figure was 48% higher than 2008, according to a study by the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), a defense think-tank. There were total of 12,600 violent deaths across the country in 2009 which was fourteen times more than 2006.

According to this document Ambassador and her staff understood Gen Mahmud’s concerns but they had their reservations on his efforts.

This report is totally opposite to the perception found among the common masses and the media in Pakistan. The media usually claims that government of Pakistan at that time did not try to resolve the issue by means of peace and accepted military option under American pressure after first phone call by American secretary of state.

The document claims that Gen Musharraf the military ruler at the time wanted his intelligence chief to take such actions as it is the demand of people of Pakistan and that it served Musharraf’s political interests.

The documents are attached herewith:


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