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Pakistan: Nation with Lost Ideology

Posted by yourpakistan on August 8, 2010

Today, I received a message to check out a blog. I do receive many requests every day to review blogs, but today was different. It was different as the series of blog posts provoked a thought, which I had in mind for some time but couldn’t put them together. Further reading of the blog made me realize what I could have, long before, the real problem in my chain of thought; I was missing the basics of problems that have engulfed our great country.

Read it yourself; Anam Zehra writes, “I realized something; Pakistan will persevere. I hadn’t doubted it before, but watching the scores of strangers rushing to help the rescuers in any capacity they could, watching strangers condole the families of the victims, watching strangers transport victims in their cars, strengthened my faith that this country of 170 million will survive.”

But then in another post she writes “Pakistan ka matlab kya? La Illaha IllAllah. Regardless of the phrase not making sense to me, we have strayed far off the path of what Pakistan intended to be (insert argument on whether Pakistan was designed to be a secular or Islamic nation).”

If you give it a thought, you may realize; we are a body without a soul We know that we have to live but we have lost the purpose of life. We don’t know why this country was created and why two hundred thousand people gave their lives for the creation of this country, constituting biggest migration the world had ever seen. Even today, thousands are giving lives for this country and its people.

Let me offer you a job; I will give you ten thousand rupees every month, for standing up on a check post where one of the crossing cars will be loaded with explosives. Your job description is to jump in front of the explosive laden car, to stop it, as there is no better way. Would you like to take this job? There are thousands of police officers in Pakistan with this job. The question is why do they take this job? Let me leave you here with this thought and move on.

I was standing in a flood relief camp the other day and I saw a young boy probably 7 or 8 years old roaming around. In one hand he was holding his younger sisters hand and the other hand was tightly quenched. Neatly dressed, he was trying to talk to the relief workers but everyone was busy. After a few attempts, he went into a corner for a while and then tried again to talk to the workers. I thought he must be lost so I went up to him to ask where his parents were. The boy took me to them. The gentleman affirmed but before I could leave, the young boy asked, “Uncle, will you also not listen to me?” I replied “who’s not listening to you, what happened?” He said, “Uncle I have been trying to give this money for those people whose homes were filled up with muddy water on television but no one is taking the money will you give them this money?” For some reason, I could not think of any answer but a question came out of nowhere. “Why do you want to give them this money?” His reply shook me to the core, “Woo bhi to Pakistani hain main un ki maddad kun nahi karon ga?” The boy lifted his hand and left the most valuable (quenched) fifty four rupees in my palm that I was ever given. The boy’s mother saw tears in my eyes and said, “He insisted of giving his pocket money and brought us here as well”.

I am still not sure what I experienced. I still don’t understand the look on the boys face. But I realized one thing, “If this nation is to prosper we have to tell them the real reasons why was this country created. What did “Pakistan ka matlab kya? La Illaha IllAllah” meant. Even it scares us now. It makes us feel backward and out dated and not cool.

Have you ever seen a giant tree? It is green and strong. It not only feels strong, it looks strong too. Do you know what would be the easiest way of killing this huge tree? Either feed poison to the roots or nothing at all both ways it will fall under its own weight.

This is exactly what has happened to us. We have lost our ideology, our reason to exist as a nation and now we are losing as nation. The ideology that used to feed our roots has been taken away from us and replaced with poison to say the least. As a nation we have been fed with information, confusing us about our existence.

Allah has given us everything and has filled up our hearts and minds with feelings of love, passion and dedication for each other and for the country. But he has also blessed us with Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Why? We must have done something wrong.

So now the question is, what is really our ideology? Why this country was carved out of nowhere and why millions have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country? What will fix our roots? And what will make us stronger?

PakistanFirst research team worked on it for a long time and we found the answer. If I start putting all of it here it will take you ages to read and understand. So I am just going to put a little here for you to digest.

And these answers are not coming from someone like us or a politician with fake degree with no moral or political authority; they come directly from Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of this nation, the man who gave this nation a country.

“Pakistan is not the product of the conduct or misconduct of the Hindus. It had always been there, only they were not conscious of it. Hindus and Muslims, though living in the same towns and vil lages, had never blended into one nation; they were always two difference entities”.

January 11, 1938: After hoisting the flag of Muslim League in Gaya Bahar:

“.…This is the flag of Islam, for you cannot separate the Muslim league from Islam. Many people misunderstand us, when we talk of Islam, particularly our Hindu friends. When we say, this flag is the flag of Islam; they think we are introducing religion into politics, a fact of which we are proud. Islam gives us a complete code. It is not only a religion, but it contains laws, philosophy and politics. It contains everything that matters to a man from morning to night. When we talk of Islam, we take it as an all embracing word. We do not mean any ill will; the foundation of our Islamic code is that we stand of liberty, equality and fraternity.”

July 30, 1940: Students of Islamia College, Peshawar: “You ask me to tell you how you should make yourself useful citizens. My advice to you is that you should observe and maintain the highest sense of honor and integrity, and serve your people selflessly in every way you can. Make your people self-respecting, self-confident, and self-reliant.”

“Today your province is in the grip of outside influence and internal divisions and it is an irony of fate, that those who opposed the progress and constitutional advance of your province, are still able to exercise sufficient, influence and prevent the creation of a solidarity of Muslims in your Province.

“Islam expects every Muslim to do his duty. You, my young friends, should show the way by your own example, lead your province and go forward united on a single platform under one flag and speak with one voice.”

Anam Zehra, thank you for your blog and helping me put my thoughts together. But did you know why Quaid said what you quoted in your blog post “Pakistan ka Matlab kya?” Here is the answer:

“….we will treat our minorities not only in a manner that a civilized government should treat them but better because it is an injunction in the Quran to treat the minorities so.” Now the question is who is going to do all of this? If you and I are not going to ask this question from ourselves then who else will!


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