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Pakistan Roars Back at America

Posted by yourpakistan on July 12, 2010

In a critical development, Pakistan’s military establishment has pushed the government for a review of Pakistan’s policy and strategy on national security. General Shuja Pasha of Pakistan’s ISI in his recent statement, called for a review of country’s security strategy in the wake of the US and Indian strategic moves in the region. Coming off unusually and at a critical time, this is probably the first time that anyone from Pakistan Army [and in particular the ISI] has bracketed US and India together as a threat to Pakistan. Whatever the reasons, the statement, more than anything, signals a gradual shift in Pakistan Army’s thinking and a strong willingness to review Pakistan’s existing policies. Earlier also, following the Pakistan’s massive Azm e Nau exercises, the Pakistan army took a strong logical stand on the North Waziristan offensive. Then, there was talk of Pakistan disengaging from war on terror and of course most importantly, it was Pakistan’s unilateral initiative in establishing a silent talk process with Afghanistan. The talks were unannounced but effectively aimed at bypassing USA.

There are signs in these developments. There are reasons to it. Just what went so wrong that Pakistan has started to reprioritize? There is a critical timing and pace at which Pakistan army is ‘retaliating’ to growing and destabilizing American influence in the region. For Pakistan, a decade of cosmetic American alliance has eventually led it to believe that Pakistan’s problems are US created and therefore naturally, a cure to these problems also lies in reviewing Pakistan’s engagement with USA. Then also, the USA has done well in making Pakistan realize this by its unprecedented, subjective and almost racial targeting of Pakistan’s army and ISI. Almost taking turns on Pakistan, a day doesn’t go by before seeing at least one American daily targeting Pakistan or its military establishment. In this, sadly but religiously, the American media has shrinked to become merely an anti-Pakistan mouthpiece.

To go on, the biggest US mistake has been inviting India to Afghanistan. Unless it is for hidden reasons, it is simply not plausible to involve disagreeing forces [with altogether different objectives] on a common cause. Inviting India to Afghanistan was always avoidable but is now proving destructive and it will only be a matter of time before which this bears out. What US is not realizing [or perhaps doesn’t want to] is that its growing anti-Pakistan strategic alliance with India may eventually turn things upside down to the extents of a direct confrontation between Pakistan and USA/India [or again, perhaps that is what US also wants and so all the constant ignoring of Pakistan’s concerns]. But while the US may be willing to do so, the question it really needs to ask itself is: is confronting Pakistan ‘in Afghanistan’ really what US wants to do? Or more importantly, will it be able to make sure that this will turn out as good as it expects? The history, at least doesn’t tell so.

Pakistan has without question done a lot to save its alliance with USA [and it is still trying to do] but is constantly suffering from hostile American policies. For USA, this is perhaps a first and last formal call to behavior. It comes because the ground realities tell a hypocritical American tale. Pakistan expects a friendly behavior from a friendly American alliance, otherwise who knows if Pakistan has already gone into versus mode against USA in Afghanistan. Article by Ahmed Shahid – PKKH Exclusive Report

3 Responses to “Pakistan Roars Back at America”

  1. Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, has concluded that India is no longer the primary threat to the country’s security. Displacing New Delhi for the title are Islamist militias operating in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.

    India First Foundation

  2. zooeyibz said

    Things are getting interesting with the Wikileaks of documents between Pakistan and the US… good to hear the true story of America’s attitude now.

  3. Liaquat Raza said

    The latest Raymond Davis episode proved this point.

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