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Now it’s Your Turn, Army Tells MPs

Posted by yourpakistan on July 11, 2010



During the recent high-level meetings and briefings about the ongoing operations against the militants in different parts of the country, the lack of political and civil administration’s role was identified as the main reason behind the resurgence of the militants in the areas cleared of miscreants by the Armed Forces.

Sources aware of the development informed TheNation that Armed Forces had made it clear to the political leadership that it would not be possible to maintain durable peace in the troubled areas without the active and participatory role of civil administration and political leadership.

These sources further informed that the resurgence of militants in the areas of Malakand, Swat, Tira and Mohmand Agency was evident from the fact that they had started attacks on military check-posts and also coming up with threatening warnings to all those who stood by the Armed Forces during the military action in those areas a few months back.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security had also expressed concerns over the sporadic attacks by militants on the civil and military installation in the areas, which were cleared of these militants by Army after heavy military operation backed by air cover.

During the briefing to Parliamentary Committee on National Security, the DG ISI had given the detailed insight to the MPs on the ongoing military operation against militants and the reasons behind the reappearance of the miscreants in the areas earlier cleared by the Army.

The sources aware of the deliberations of the meeting informed TheNation that one of the main reasons listed by the DG ISI about the reappearance of these militants in some of the military combed areas was slackness shown by the Government in the installation of civil administration to the advantage of the militants who attempted to fill the void but could not fully succeed as Army was still present there.

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