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Chinese firms sign nuke reactor deals with Pak despite international outcry

Posted by yourpakistan on June 25, 2010

Despite serious objections being raised by both the US and India over China’s offer to help Pakistan build two nuclear reactors, a couple of Chinese companies have already signed contracts with Islamabad in this regard.

The China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Company (CNIFCC) and the CNNC China Zhongyuan Engineering Corp, which specialise in foreign nuclear projects, have agreed to work together on the third and fourth reactors at the Chashma nuclear complex in Punjab, said a statement posted on the website of the construction company.

The deal was signed on June 8, said the website-, Beijing has reiterated that China and Pakistan were working in the spirit of equality and mutual benefit, and that both countries are committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy.“We have been cooperating in this spirit,” The Daily Times quoted the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Qin Gang, as saying. Both the US and India had raised concerns over China’s overtures to Pakistan, as they see a high proliferation risk in Pakistan, which has a history of providing ‘illegal’ nuclear know-how’s to countries such as Libya, Iran and North Korea. [ANI]


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