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ISI on Taliban’s Board of Directors, What About Indian Airforce Molestor Deported From Israel?

Posted by yourpakistan on June 16, 2010

A music teacher masturbated and forced his female student to have sex with him. This happened inside the South Florida Hindu Temple for four years. The student is 14 now and testified in court on Tuesday. Semen splatter has been found by the police inside the Hindu temple.

When the girl’s family tried to go public with this, the Indian community forced them to keep the scandal under wraps, shunning the girl and her family.  If this was a case involving a Pakistani, even if there was a hint of Pakistani involvement, like maybe the Indian music teacher traveled to Karachi en route to the Himalayas, this news would have been on CNN, Fox and BBC. But since it involves an Indian, the US media will give it a pass. This is not an issue of religion. Deviants are found in all religions. It’s an issue of how the Am-Brit media selectively treats stories that impact government’s foreign policy priorities.

For example, in keeping with the official Washington policy of elevating India as a future power, the Am-Brit media won’t cover the story of an Australian preacher burned alive with his two young boys by an Indian religious mob. But when the professors of London School of Economics decide to become Inspector Gadgets and release a ridiculous ‘I-hate-you’ report against ISI and the Pakistani military, it is accorded maximum space by the Am-Brit news media because it simply suits current Am-Brit policies.

So you can get away with a lot these days if you’re an Indian offender facing the Am-Brit media [a.k.a. the “international media”].

Take for example the case of the Indian Air Force officer deported by Israel last year for molesting a 6-year-old. I consider myself a new junkie and I have plenty of junkies like me in our PakNationalists team who scour the news as a hobby and yet I never heard of this story until today.

While the Am-Brit media pushed this news under the rug, the Indian Express covered the story and linked it to the reports of Indian peacekeepers in Africa found involved in child prostitution:

“This is the first time that an official from the IAF has been charged with attempting to abuse a child during a foreign posting. In the past, soldiers from the Indian Army posted at a peacekeeping mission in Congo have been investigated and found guilty for child abuse by the United Nations. A UN report revealed last year indicted Indian Peacekeepers posted in Congo for child abuse and paying minor Congolese girls in North Kivu for sex in 2007 and earlier this year.”

But the story that takes the cake for how the Am-Brit news media is totally motivated and often passes biases for analysis and news is the following story. When 69 Pakistanis were burned alive aboard the so-called Peace Train as it traveled through India, BBC’s Jill McGivering, like most Am-Brit corresponds, pinned the blame on Pakistan and Kashmiri freedom groups.

Read these two fascinating paragraphs written by Ms. McGivering:

“The prime suspects might be groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad, the main Islamic militant groups who have been blamed for many high-profile bombings. Recent attacks on Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi, for example, seemed designed to damage India’s image abroad and stoke anti-Pakistan feeling inside India. But the fact that so many of the dead on the train were Pakistani Muslims may indicate that the devices were intended for a different target, or exploded prematurely.”

Even in her analysis, BBC’s Ms. McGivering was convinced that the perpetrators were Pakistanis and that the high number of dead Pakistanis was probably a blunder on the part of the attackers who aimed at ‘a different target’ like maybe Hindu Indians.

Of course, in 2008, three serving Indian military intelligence officers were arrested and charged with planning and executing the terrorist act. A Hindu terror group was also indicted as having helped the three Indian officers.

But did the BBC or Ms. McGivering apologize for their wrong information and wrong analysis?


Did the BBC and the rest of the Am-Brit media highlight the nexus between Indian intelligence and Hindu terror groups?



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