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In US: A Second Successful Bomb You Didn’t Hear About

Posted by yourpakistan on May 21, 2010

A lethal pipe bomb planted by a domestic American terrorist exploded at a mosque and an Islamic center in Jacksonville, Florida one week days after the Times Square incident. Since there was no way of linking this to Pakistan, American media ignored it. Click here to see a video report.

A Failed Attempt Traceable To Pakistan Is News, A Successful Attempt Traceable To Local American Terrorists? Who Cares. What if a pipe bomb exploded in Times Square? … the ruckus if some Muslim dude did the exact same thing to a Jewish synagogue?

America’s apologists in Pakistan and PR experts working for the US State Department and US Embassy in Islamabad are now inundating Pakistani newspapers with fake letters and planted articles spinning Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous threat of war against Pakistan. Apart from the serious question marks on US intelligence performance in the case of the Times Square terror attempt, it has been clearly established that the US government launched an orchestrated media campaign against Pakistan to exploit the incident for political and strategic gains. Here is the story of another failed car bomb, but this time a real car bomb and not the Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker version in New York City. This one was parked in front of a Mosque in Florida. Since it involves domestic American extremists and terrorists, you didn’t hear about it in the media. Or did you?

By Ahmed Rehab


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