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Embrace India as a Big Brother

Posted by yourpakistan on May 5, 2010

We are talking about one Jindan Kaur. What about 50000 young Muslim girls taken away forcibly by armed Sikh & Hindu men in East Punjab in 1947?. These girls were brutally raped. Most were murdered and dumped in Mosques wells. Thousands were whisked to Calcutta and even to Malaysia and never heard of them again.

I have no stomach to give details. Just one incident is enough and that is of New Delhi, the capital of Free India. Frightened Muslims were packed at the New Delhi railway station to leave India for Pakistan were attacked by Hindu mobs (on 6th September 1947) and 450 were killed. But the worst was still to come. The following day, more arson, burning alive, looting, murders and by evening 6000 Muslims fled from their homes in the middle-class Lodhi Colony…. and fled to Pak Embassy compound. Quoted from Book: Indian Summer by Alex Von Tunzelmann.

I will not tell you what these bastards did to a train full of fleeing Muslims which arrived from Amritsar to Lahore on 17th August 1947. Out of 2500 only two were found alive ( pregnant women bellies were slit open and unborn babies were cut ) My younger brother Arshad and I saw that fateful train..

What happened in villages in East Punjab, that is a different horrible story which never got much coverage in the Media. But what a little bit happened in revenge in West Punjab, was and still after 63 years is given prominent coverage in the print and TV media.

There are good Hindus and Sikhs and they can be very good friends sometime even better than Muslims but not on politics, military and economic front. Those who were kids or were not born yet in 1947 should know the holocaust of East Punjab and an eye opener for those who love to embrace India as a big brother.

Posted By Maqbool Farhat [An eye witness of some of the 1946-47 ugliest scenes]

Shama Hussain was a little girl when she migrated in 1947 from Delhi with his father late Maj Gen Shahid Hamid. He was Private secretary to C-in-C F.M Claude Auchinlake. Gen Shahid wrote a book Disastrous Twilight.


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