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Time for Change

Posted by yourpakistan on April 25, 2010

We strongly support actions of Chief Justice against this corrupt and suspect government and against those sitting in highest offices. The government has totally collapsed and the whole country is being run by IMF zionists and the nation is being brought on the verge of economic and social collapse.

While the corrupt rulers continue to fill their own coffers and weaken the federation, working on the “Yugoslavia option”, the country is being run on secret IMF terms and loans and crippled by terrorism which are enslaving the nation. This government does not even have money for the coming budget and is taking loan from the IMF breaking the back of the nation.

Meanwhile, all the politicians with cases of corruption on them and those who oppose the very ideology of Pakistan have ganged together to change the constitution and to pass the 18th amendment to weaken the federation and create inter provincial anarchy.

In the coming summer, there will be more severe crisis of energy and water. While the armed forces are busy defending the borders, the patriots must support the SC to nail the corrupt. It is time for a major political change in the country. We should demand a patriotic civilian caretaker government till the corrupt and the terrorist fasadis are eliminated from our ranks. This democracy has failed.

Lets show our support to the Supreme Court and bring the corrupt to justice. This Pak Sarzameen deserve rulers on the pattern of Khilafat e Rashida, not the robbers we have today. Inshallah, there is khair for Pak Sarzameen. Lets be part of this khair and protect our homeland, our Medina e Sani.

Pakistan Zindabaad

Rizwan Warraich


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