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Pakistan Without Pakistanis

Posted by yourpakistan on April 17, 2010

Something has to be done! The world is running while we are still debating on stupid issues. Look at India, till the 60 and 70 and even the 80’s it was behind us in terms of technology, economics but now they are way ahead. We at PKKH and other such organizations are trying our best to keep the countries motivation high, but our rulers are taking us back, instead of going forward.  Do we have any solution?

I personally don’t beleive in Demoacracy or Dictatorship. I believe that their should be one right man for the right job, instead of having a 100 man + army of minsters and advisors who are good for nothing. What will happen??
They come on talk shows, and blame and spread hate propaganda against the army as if it is Pakistan’s biggest threat and democracy is God given. They don’t want to talk about sugar, electricity, etc. I heard on Mubashir Lucman show that the sugar mills combined made an extra profit of $750 million, while the cost of importing sugar at the right tome form the international market would had been $2 billion.
In Pakistan, load shedding is now at a record level of 18 to 20 hours. Why don’t they change the names of utilities to ‘Karachi Electric Load Shedding Corpoaration” (KELSC) and so forth? Countries are daily making deals, to secure energy and making their defense strong while we are still negotiating all our deals. We as a nation failed to make Dams, or utilize our resources like coal and gold. Economic mismanagement is at a peak. They are taking loans at deathly terms from IMF. Don’t they know what IMF did to countries like Argentina and others.
We Pakistanis are world wide seen as people affiliated to terrorism, thanks to our friends in the East, with which we are doinf Aman ke Asha. In the nuclear conference, instead of being aggressive and blasting India’s Nuclear infra structure our delegation took a defense stand. We should have took reports and given it to all delegations and show what is the state of our neighbors who seem so worried about our program. Tell them to get their house in order first. We talk about co-operation with India, and then the Mumbai drama comes out, we don’t attack back by bringing Kashmir up. Kashmir is an Integral Part of Pakistan and we should not put it in the back burner. It is our land, and we shoudl be clear to the world.
Democracy is the name of a magical, that fixes everything, well thats what our leaders believe. At least during Mushraf’s time we were economically stable and we made our defense strong, we made deals that has brought us back to have an edge with India, which i am sorry to say we had lost in the late 90’s and early 2000. We survived because of ourNuclear deterrence, and that too because the government had announced to go nuclear if India attacked during the 2002 stand off, while today our leaders are like no first use. Some one please tell them, if we don’t threat to use first we wont have time for the second use. We have some infra structure for second use, but that is very limited.
a concerned Pakistani

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