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Glaring Evidence Of Crusades Against Muslims

Posted by yourpakistan on April 12, 2010

The chaos that Afghanistan and Iraq has been experiencing in the past decade is undeniably because of the presence of foreign troops occupying these lands. While these troops were supposed to bring peace and stability to these countries, quite the opposite has happened; the role of these troops has become increasingly suspicious, and a great many questions have been raised regarding their true intentions. While Afghanistan has been seeing its share of brutality, Iraq has suffered tremendously too; private security firms have been engaged in committing all sorts of atrocities. Quite often, one hears about these mercenary death squads in the news and even in newly published books. However, the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq cannot be only attributed to mercenary death squads. The very troops that occupy Iraq and Afghanistan illegally in the name of bringing freedom to these countries, are themselves extremist crusading murderers! In a collaborated effort with the military, in Iraq and Afghanistan, mercenary armies like Black Water, DynCorp, etc. are responsible for a lot of the atrocities too, and they contribute to the overall genocide of Muslims worldwide. The video accompanying this article stands testimony to this:

The truth is that today’s crusades are far worse than those of the past; the participants today are not just hell-bent on killing every Muslim [man, woman and child] in their path, as they now use it as a means of entertainment.  It is becoming increasing evident to even those who would deny the Iraq and Afghan invasions as being crusades. In January this year, we also got to know about extremist Christians who were endorsing a crusade through ‘Jesus Guns’. Not only have authorities in the ranks of the military been promoting a crusade, but manufacturers of these weapons have been organized in their approach too.

While there has been way too much evidence uncovered that point to these wars as crusades, it is worth asking: has any one stepped forward to denounce such actions? Has any religious [Christian] authority distanced or disassociated itself from these evil wars? Has anyone denounced what the US and its allies are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? How is this slaughter of innocent Muslims today any different from the millions of Muslims slain during the Latin-Christian authorized crusades? The answers to these questions are obvious!

Was the term ‘crusade’ used when the so-called War on Terror began?

Indeed, just before the Anglo-American invasion and illegal occupation of Afghanistan started, George W. Bush made a shocking remark; he termed the War on Terror a crusade! In his own words, Bush said, “This crusade, this war on terrorism is gonna take awhile.” This sent a shock wave throughout the Muslim world, and what worsened this was the fact that he had already mentioned a list of Muslim countries that he assumed harbored the so-called AL Qaeda. However, over the next few days, Bush’s administration juggled the term ‘crusade’, and they tried to put forward various interpretations. Fortunately for Bush, many were silenced, and the issue was soon forgotten, which was largely because there was a lot happening at that time.

The main focus at that time was Afghanistan and the Anglo-American troops that were ready to invade and illegally occupy this country. Since then, the troops there have had little success maintaining control in any part of the country. However, they still seem to kill a lot of people that are actually innocent citizens. With the large scale failure of foreign troops, private security agencies have been called in to wreak more havoc with the civilian population. While these agencies are supposed to aid the new Afghan army and the police, they appear to have a scary agenda. It is known that Christian extremists are operating these firms that are engaged in a modern crusade; they target and kill innocent civilians as though they are swatting flies.

Invasion and Illegal Occupation of Iraq

Prior to the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the U.S. intelligence agencies claimed to hold credible evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. It wasn’t long before consensus was manufactured to invade Iraq as easily as it was for invading Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the W.T.C. And so, Iraq was invaded and is illegally occupied till today. Once the Anglo-American troops were in, the supposed search for weapons of mass destruction began. Since there really were no such weapons, eventually, Bush and Blair had to tell the public that they couldn’t find anything.

With no real reason to remain in Iraq after this, they quickly shifted their attention to tracking down and punishing Saddam Hussain. After achieving this, they said that they wanted to bring democracy to the people of Iraq. Since then, the war has gone on with no end in sight. One major problem with this long-term war is that thousands of innocent people have perished. The U.S. military illegally occupying Iraq is believed to be pursuing supposed terrorists. However, recent footage that has been leaked out depicts the true intentions of these evil crusaders. Wikileaks has revealed footage that shows the U.S. military thrilled with targeting innocent civilians. This video that has the conversations recorded too clearly exposes the sick and extremist mentality of foreign troops on Iraqi soil.

While it is now clear that the U.S. military in Iraq remains engaged in crusader fashion, mercenary death squads are also playing their inhumane part. In his book, ‘Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army,’ author Jeremy Scahill focuses explicitly on Black Water as a “Radical Christian Right.” The frightening reality for us as Pakistanis is that this very mercenary army that has killed thousands of innocent Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan is now present on Pakistani soil. Although our public is aware of this fact, we need to refresh our memories. Mercenary death squads in Fourth Generation Warfare are integral; letting them have a free hand will only worsen our troubles, as they have every intention of spreading their cancerous tentacles throughout the country and expanding this genocide of Muslims.


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