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Pakistan – Who’s Whose Enemy & Friend

Posted by yourpakistan on April 9, 2010

The famous and honest and very well known intellectual and Pakistani bureaucrat, QUDRATUALLAH SHAHAB, wrote the following in his autobiography, SHAHAB NAMA, in page 778. I have translated this from Urdu to English:

‘‘In 1969, when I was a member of the executive board of UNISCO, one of my friends from Poland was angry that Russia is influencing Poland against the will of polish people. The Poles were against the Soviet bloc and they didn’t like the Soviet influence in Poland . But the Polish government was a client of the Soviet Union . My polish friend was one of the senior and experienced foreign affairs officers of his country.

One day during a chat and discussion he said, ‘Although Russia and America are enemies but on some issues they become friends.’

I was surprised and asked, ‘For example?’ He said, ‘For example, PAKISTAN .’‘I was stunned. I requested him to explain.’

On my request he explained, ‘It is a reality not hidden from whole world that the Pakistani military is one of the highly disciplined and professional militaries in the WORLD. And that REALITY is not acceptable to both countries, I mean RUSSIA and AMERCIA.

1. RUSSIANS are looking towards AFGHANISTAN

2. RUSSIANS are looking towards ARABIAN SEA

3. RUSSIANS favor India and want to support that country

But the PAKISTANI MILITARY is the main OBSTRUCTION in the path of all these three RUSSIAN objectives.


1. AMERICA ‘S real and original faith is with ISRAEL

2. AMERICA wants friendship and alliance with INDIA

America is a friend of Pakistan only in name. And the AMERICANS know very well that ONLY THE PAKISTANI MILITARY AND PAKISTANI NATION can confront American designs. And that the PAKISTANI ARMY AND NATION HAVE THE PASSION TO FIGHT AS WELL if attacked. So the PAKISTANI MILITARY is the main OBSTRUCTION in the path of American objectives.

INDIA also does not like the PAKISTANI MILITARY. In this way, the decimation and destruction of the Pakistani military is the main objective of RUSSIA , AMERICA and INDIA .
That’s why they all want to weaken the Pakistani military and the Pakistani nation, destroy it and to make it useless. ‘But how will they achieve this combined goal?’ I asked. He laughed and than said, ‘They shall engage PAKISTANI ARMY in civil and government matters as much as they can for a long period by pushing them to take over governments.’


‘‘This conversation took place in 1969, when the Soviet Union had not invaded Afghanistan , nor was Bangladesh movement started. Out of 17 years of independence, 13 years have gone to MARTIAL LAW. And I am in fear may be those American, Russian and Indian objectives are about to complete…”


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