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Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution: The Beginning

Posted by yourpakistan on March 27, 2010

On 23rd March 2010, the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution was presented and passed. Despite all the opposition, disruption and disturbance, the Patriots of Pakistan were able to clearly outline the vision for the revival and rise of Pakistan and demonstrated their commitment, dedication, devotion, sincerity and loyalty to their beloved homeland. Their passion, emotions and enthusiasm clearly reflected that they are now standing for Pakistan, they are determined for Pakistan’s betterment and development and they will do anything to transform this sacred land into a prosperous welfare state.

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution clearly reflects that Its NOT about any single person, its NOT about any organization, its NOT about a certain group of people, its ONLY and ONLY about the ideology of Pakistan, the revival of the true spirit of Pakistan and the RISE of Pakistan as an exemplary Islamic welfare state….Unknown Object

This is also a time to look back through the history of Pakistan and recall what has the political setup contributed towards Pakistan and the Pakistani Nation? What have they given to the people of Pakistan except corruption, mismanagement, poverty, exploitation, severe social, economic and financial problems, injustice, civic problems. This is what the Patriots of Pakistan are standing against, this is what the Patriots of Pakistan are committed to eradicate from Pakistan, this is what the Patriots of Pakistan want to replace with welfare, justice, harmony and prosperity. It should be clearly understood and remembered that this is a serious struggle against the exploitative, corrupt, polluted and filthy system of governance in Pakistan. This is a struggle to pull the people of Pakistan out of all the misery, darkness and the mess that the traitors, looters, betrayers have made in Pakistan. It is certainly and most certainly NOT about following any single person literally for the sake of blindly following him or her. This is about the state of Pakistan, Pakistani nation and the eventually the true implementation of Islam.

In the past 63 years, what have their contribution been towards Pakistan? If they really wish to put an effort or make a contribution, shouldn’t they bring the nation together and stand against the external and internal enemies of Pakistan instead of dividing, confusing and misguiding them and doing something which can contribute nothing to Pakistan or the People of Pakistan?

It is time to think objectively and critically that who is serving what objective. It is time to judge whose efforts are directed towards Pakistan and whose towards some other smaller gains. Its time to open the minds and eyes to distinguish between who has been doing the damage to Pakistan and has cruel intentions against Pakistan and who is working and struggling for Pakistan and willing to sacrifice for the sake of Pakistan.

Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement is a mission launched by the Patriots of Pakistan to achieve all the objectives which laid the foundation of Pakistan, the objectives for which our forefathers stood up, fought and won Pakistan, the objectives for which the Muslims of South Asia demanded Pakistan, the objectives for which millions of people sacrificed their everything and to finally fulfill the promise that we made with Allah that we’ll establish His rule here. The Takmeel-e-Pakistan Movement ONLY and ONLY aims to achieve these objectives and NOTHING else. Its ALL about Pakistan and the Love of Pakistan.

The Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution HAS BEEN presented successfully and it HAS BEEN passed….The Patriots of Pakistan achieved their goal and accomplished their target by the grace of Allah and this is just the beginning. The mission will go on until the revival and rise of Pakistan as a prosperous Islamic welfare state Insha’Allah.

Read the Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution and decide for yourself what is it actually demanding. What exactly is it aimed at, what exactly it is asking for, what are the intentions and what is this struggle all about.

Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution:

Resolution Points Page 1

Resolution Points Page 2


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