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Afghanistan being free from Crusaders

Posted by yourpakistan on January 28, 2010

Should we celebrate that we were successful in our Afghan Policy. The scenario changed pretty quickly and all over different news channel they are saying that Taliban would be included int he government and that India role in Afghanistan is restricted. What we were saying for the last one year has finally been heard by the world and our awareness of the people have worked. Afghanistan is now being discussed on the 6+2 countries platform with Pakistan and Turkey taking the lead.

Americans have made it pretty clear that they are going to leave Afghanistan, but before leaving they are going to make one last attempt. If they fail (which InshAllah) they will, would result in Afghanistan being free from Crusaders. And as our Great Leader Allama Iqbal once said, Peace in Afghanistan is peace in the whole region. We can then secure our Western Borders and get ready to pay back to our mortal enemy in the East, because of which many our fellow citizens and armed personnel lost their lives.
Is it safe to assume that we have won the Afghan battle diplomatically and that Indians are going to be kicked out of Afghan and a Pakistan loving government would be installed? Looking at the countries in the 6+2 platform reminds me of the prediction of Shah Waliullah that the central Asian countries, Turkey and Iran will join Pakistan and fight the last battle with Hind.

We now have the platform and the vision and should devote ourselves in completing out this mission.

Wajahat (PKKH)

Source: Pakistan Ideology


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