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American trainers to Islamabad police headquarters

Posted by yourpakistan on December 23, 2009

Following protests from the media and the lawyers’ fraternity, who have questioned the American presence at the Police Training College in Sihala, the Pakistan Government has decided to shift the US trainers to Islamabad Police Line Headquarters.

The quarters concerned have asked the Islamabad police to vacate two blocks of Police Line Headquarters for the Americans who would be shifted there from Sihala.

“Presently they are giving training to police at Sihala College and possess a lot of training equipments that’s why they would be shifted there, as area is ideal for them for training and security point of views,” The Nation quoted a senior police officer, as saying.

Sources said that Islamabad police officials, who are residing in Police Line Headquarters, showed great reluctance and demanded of the authorities concerned not to shift the Americans there.

Police officials suggested to their high-ups to shift the Americans somewhere else like Diplomatic Enclave but not at Police Lines, which is already a high security risk.

Last year, a suicide blast rocked the Police Line Headquarters and the area is considered as a sensitive zone.


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