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The Countdown Begins

Posted by yourpakistan on December 18, 2009

They have been weaving filthy conspiracies, they have left no stone unturned to exercise their corrupt methods, they employed all kinds of tools and instruments to fill their pockets with our homeland’s wealth and serve the purposes of their masters. But there is an end to every nightmare and a dawn for every dark night. They made cunning plans to commit unprecedented crimes and historic treachery but what they didn’t know and realize is that Allah Almighty is the best of planners! The traitors in Pakistan are now being cornered from all four directions. A revolution and resistance is gradually building up from almost all righteous factions of society and Allah’s plan is now being executed.

Enough of their treachery and betrayal, deception and lies. It is now time for justice and fairness to prevail. Its now time for them to pay the heavy price of what they have been doing to our homeland and to face the dire consequences of their pernicious acts.

The winds of change have already started to blow and the situation is now altering its face. Initial steps are now being taken to bring the traitors to justice and soon they will be adequately punished for their crimes. If they wouldn’t mend their ways, the time is not far when they will be hanged from the lampposts of Islamabad….

The final countdown has already begun….

May Allah bless Pakistan and crush all of its enemies (Ameen) – PKKH

Pakistan Hamesha Zinda-O-Paindabaad



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