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Pied Pipers of Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on December 14, 2009

To control a rat infestation in Hamelin, Germany, a man was contracted by the town’s people who proclaimed that he was capable of controlling the menace. This man mesmerized the rats by a magical tune he played with his pipe (or flute) and lured the hypnotized rats into a river where they drowned to death. This man came to be known as the pied piper of Hamelin.

Doesn’t the story sound familiar? Pakistan has the distinction of breeding a few pied pipers of her own. Be it in the mountains of NWFP or be it in the urban dwellings of Pakistan, these pied pipers mesmerize their followers and teach them how to earn paradise (Jannat) by killing their fellow Muslims, whom they label infidels (murtids or takfiris). These pied pipers entrance the youth of my country with their emotional sermons and twisted quranic interpretations, turning them against their own Muslim brothers by presenting contorted reality and half-truth to their respective audiences in order to achieve their desired goals. They use Islam to justify their bigotry and to misguide young naïve minds of Pakistan.

The basic rule for effective propaganda is establishment of authenticity by preaching or reporting the truth at first, and then mixing it with lies after credibility of the reporter has been established. This rule is followed by famous media channels like CNN and BBC who developed their credibility over many years by accurate and authentic reporting. But later, misused their good name to preach false propaganda. This doctrine is also practiced by the pied pipers of Pakistan, who win people’s hearts by their initial truth mongering, thus hypnotizing the masses with their magical tunes and later lure their followers to their own destruction. They feed them false intelligence and fabricated truth creating animosity between two groups of Muslims. But alas, their followers do not question their credibility anymore and blindly follow them parroting whatever they hear from their perceived saviors.

I want to know, what is this jihad against Muslims? Aren’t all Muslims destined to hell who murder their fellow Muslims? Or are all my former teachings of Islam null and void in current Pakistani political situation?Aren’t these men leading the ignorant public towards their own doom? We take pride in being Muslims, yet donot refer to Quran and Hadith for guidance, thus allowing our lack of religious knowledge be targetted by the people who mislead us in the name of Islam.Let Quran and Hadith be your guide intead of  mesmeric sermons. Learn to sort truth from falsehood, even if they come from the same source. Read Quran and pray for guidance from Allah to discriminate between deception and reality. We need to question every information we acquire and review it in light of Islamic teachings. Reject all, that clashes with Quran and  Hadith and form your own opinion about current political situation instead of parroting your mentors.

What I gather from the references I am about to quote from Quran and Hadith is that any Muslim who kills another, is destined to Hell, not to Heaven! There is no Jihad against your fellow Muslims! People who die fighting with their Muslim brothers are not Shaheeds!


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  1. pakpatriot said

    where is the rest of the article???This is barely half of it…

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