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Pakistani Nation to Celebrate Eid with their Heroes at the Battlefield

Posted by yourpakistan on November 18, 2009

Our brave soldiers are shedding their blood, fighting fearlessly to protect our families and homes, leaving behind theirs, crushing our enemies who are now distraught against our invincible defense. Our soldiers are not only sacrificing their lives but also their salaries, and have reduced their rations willingly to send food to our displaced countrymen.

While they are at the forefront, we the Patriots of Pakistan are standing right behind them with prayers from our hearts and souls for their success. We assure unwavering support to our soldiers in this war against the terrorists, against those who have taken lives mercilessly and done extreme damage not only to the nation but to the image of Islam, the religion of peace and harmony.

On this Eid, we want to tell our brave heroes who are fighting for our honor that while they will be away from their homes, they will be in our thoughts and our prayers. Their sacrifices will bear fruit in the form of Pakistan’s prosperity and peace Insha’Allah. We stand by you, honor you, respect you and salute you for your courage and faith to protect the “Madina-e-Sani” of Muslim Ummah.

PKKH has coordinated with Pakistan Army to send gifts and cards of support to our troops on ground. Let’s join hands and show our sentiments and pride for them.

We request all Pakistanis to make gift packs (for easy handling) for soldiers with a note of love and solidarity to boost their morale and to assure them that they are not alone, we care for them; the nation is right behind them.

The gift packs can include eatables (factory packed/sealed) like dry fruits, biscuits, juices, candies, chocolates and items like flowers, small gifts, support letters, cards for our heroes. Please specify on your gift packs that these are for troops fighting under Division Headquarters in Waziristan, Swat, Khawazakhela, D.I. Khan.

Send your gifts via courier or registered post mentioning your name and address, on the following address:

C/o Col Nadeem,
PRO Headquarters,
11 Corps,
Peshawar, Pakistan.

Lets join the battle!

Pak Army Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad

JazakAllah Khair,


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